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Prints and Tailoring; Keys to Fall

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, its been a little hectic!
Just in case you’re still upset, I’ll distract you with shoes!

Julian Louie x Aldo

Working on everything for the launch of Ostentology, starting classes, and working at my uber monotonous day job has worn me out! But I haven’t been worked hard enough to stop looking at inspiration for my fall wardrobe! There are two things that I’ve dubbed crucial to any outfit I put together; proper fit, and plenty of unique prints.

The top half of this outfit is nondescript but the perfectly sized collar and pants make the look classic with an extremely chic twist. I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell you what kind of things I would do for those pants. The print is SO cool, I love how its on the cutting edge of fashion but seems conservative when paired with the rest of the look.

I would not hesitate to steal that bag off Brad Goreski’s back to go with the pants either. I love him, but I love the bag more! I mean hello, its neon yellow.

Okay, well I’m going to go watch Bill Cunningham New York. Jealous? Yeah, you should be.

While I do that, you should read THIS!



Sass & Bide S/S 2012

Sass & Bide electrified London Fashion Week this year, from the oversized polka dot prints, to their flourescent oranges, and neon tribal accessories S&B showed us exactly what we’ll be needing for S/S 2012 in order to stand out in a crowd.

My Top 20 Looks from the collection
The gently structured layers in this collection, paired with the highly saturated colors made for an experience all its own at London Fashion Week. The color palette for this collection consisted mainly of citrine yellow, fluorescent orange, pale nude, navy blue, and white. The neon accessories in this collection will surely be the items of choice when fashionistas across the globe are adorning their extremities this season. Not only was this collection full of deliciously bold colors, but it also is laden with asymmetrical hemlines that give some of the pieces a very modern “hodgepodge” look. Metallic embroidered vests were paired with flowing maxi-skirts, and structured mini-skirts. The multiple asymmetrical lines in many of the pieces reflected upon days of Grecian dress with asymmetrical wrapped draping. Sass & Bide used quite the eclectic mix of fabrics including metallic leather, washable suede, fine mesh (more 90’s sportswear fabrics– see Rag & Bone), silk, neoprene, and cashmere. For F/W 2011 Rebecca Minkoff, Celine, and Ruffian showed us fantastic oversized envelope clutches; but it seems as though they have been outdone by the neon and metallic envelope clutches featured in this collection. The strong asymmetrical hemlines, eye popping colors, and impossibly gentle layers make this collection my favorite creation to emerge from London Fashion Week this season. 

Fall Transitions

I am sad (but excited!!!) to announce that in the next 7-10 days, The Fagazine will be coming to an end. Well, not really. It’s just changing it’s name, getting a face lift, and moving to Tijuana
But really, I feel that Ryan and I have outgrown this little ball of sassifrass pop culture blog, and it’s time for us to move on to something a little more, how should I say it, fierce.
With that, I bring you Ostentology:

Ostentology came to be when I was having a conversation with friends about the way a certain celebrity dresses. They described the look as ostentatious, but I begged to differ. I have always been a proponent of the more is more philosophy when it comes to style. “Toning it down” isn’t a part of my vocabulary. Spinning off of the word ostentatious, I came up with the name for the new blog, Ostentology. Ostentology is defined as follows: The science of more is more fashion. “More is more fashion” describes my personal belief that no look is over the top if you feel comfortable in it, and know how to werk it! The website will be up and running in the next 7-10 days. -Zach Shumate

Ryan and I are supremely excited to be working on this new project. We sincerely hope that all of you, the readers, remain with us through this transition. Don’t worry about losing your daily dose of snark though, the content on the site, and the way I write will not be changing. It’s like I said; The Fagazine is just changing it’s name, and getting a face lift.

Designed by Ryan Seminara

Thank you for all of your love and support, and I hope you come along with us for this exciting change!


Red Carpet time, bitches.

The Emmy’s Red Carpet festivities were fairly standard last night, except for the fact that there were so many fugly dresses making their way through the storm of cameras.

Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan

Let’s hit ’em where it hurts, shall we?
Amber, I love you dearly because you can sang. However, it is NOT acceptable to get your Red Carpet dress from the prom wardrobe rack on Glee. Is that made of cheap motel’s bed sheet? You should have shined a black light on it before wearing..
I heard that Amy Poehler asked Peter Som to make this dress for her out of metallic spanx. Bad news: I can see her uterus.  Good news: She’s not pregnant. 
It’s time to put your cleavage away bitch. You’re at the Emmy’s, not the Moulin Rouge Lounge in Reno. That color is gross on her, and the slit length is awkward so her legs look like tree trunks. 
 I loved this Armani Prive dress on Julianna Margulies. She wore white after labor day, and the structured bodice is very reminiscent of Japanese couture.
Kate Winslet in Elie Saab. Vava voom red was the look of choice for the evening, and Kate did it very well. The hair is gorgeous. 
Leah Michele posing for once without overtly complimenting herself at the same time. This time I would have agreed with her. I’ve never seen a Marchesa dress I didn’t like. But the highlights of this one are the draping on the back, and the shoulder detail. Love.
Colbie Smulders in Alberta Ferretti. Holy shitballs. That color is gorgeous. Stunning hair, love the ice, love the clutch.
Kerry Washington wore Zuhair Murad. I am DYING over the faked out fringe sheer skirt. Just gorgeous on her, and it was even more stunning when she presented an award on camera.
GAH. I love Sofia Vergara. I love that she werques her bombshell figure flawlessly. I love the deep coral color on that Vera Wang gown. And I love her ostentatious Colombian Emerald ear rings. 
That’s the thing about “ostentatious” style, if you know how to werk it isn’t over top anymore.

Ralph Lauren S/S 2012

Ralph Lauren has determined that the era to emanate next season is the roaring twenties. I couldn’t be happier about it. Double breasted menswear jackets, dropped waistlines, high shine satin dresses, metallic trim. I’m elated. 
My favorite 18 looks from the collection.
The daytime attire in this collection includes neat sweaters with silk shirts paired with bias cut chiffon skirts. The platform sandals, espadrille platforms, cloche hats, floral embroidered long fringe bags exudes a walk in the city during springtime in the 20’s. For evening, Ralph included the gowns with metallic fringe beckoning to the flappers of the 21st century, but he also included his signature masculine tailoring showcasing wide mannish trousers and boxy strong shouldered jackets worn with club collared shirts, satin ties, and cricket sweaters. There were also the form fitted slip dresses with feather fringe trim, deco-style beading, and silhouettes that slinked the body. The long earrings, country floral prints, and feather plume brooches provided a direct line to the days of Eddie Cantor, Belle Baker, Scott and Ella Fitzgerald, T.S. Elliot, and my very favorite historical figure, Gertrude Stein. This line was special because not only are the clothes fantastically gorgeous, but it painted a vivid picture of a time passed. Now perhaps everyone will understand why half of my entire wardrobe is Ralph Lauren, it’s timeless. 

Proenza Schouler S/S 2012

My favorite four looks from the collection.

Proenza Schouler’s most recent collection has carried on the tradition of the fashion house’s impeccable eye for prints, and tailoring. This eclectic collection combines motif’s from African, and Hawaiian culture. The colors ranged from neon royal blue, neon yellow, and neon orange, to muted yellow, blacks, browns, and greys.

My top 16 looks from the collection.
Given the high waisted silhouette throughout, this collection is able to be worn by shapely women, and runway models alike. Most of the pieces are cropped at the midriff, flattering almost every woman’s figure. This season, Proenza Schouler had a wide array of pieces in the collection: Beginning with high waisted A-line skirts paired with cropped shirts, which had sophisticated Hawaiian prints buttoned all the way up to the neck. Then came crocheted raffia dresses with full skirts, and cutaway bodices. Perhaps the most traditional part of the collection was the fitted forties-style dresses. There were also wrapped pencil skirts paired with bandeau sports bras, not my favorite look, but it could be fun with a white blazer on top for the right event. My favorite looks in the collection were the embroidered floral tops, paired with the brightly high waisted A-Line skirts with contoured paneling. Fabrics and knits for this collection included the crocheted raffia (mentioned above), the elbow length cloves were made of sheer leather eel skin (who doesn’t have leather eel skin now a days?), and finally techno neon gabardine. Most of the footwear consisted of flatform slingback sandals, or brogues. My favorite accessory in the collection was the highly curved peak framed sunglasses. This collection had a hodgepodge of themes, but I loved every single one. 
Tell me what you thought! Did Proenza hit the mark, or was the collection too confusing?

Oscar de la Renta: King of Spring

Neon chartreuse was just one of the bright colors to electrify the runway, but it was my favorite.

Oscar de la Renta never disappoints on the runway, but this collection was taken to another level of fantastic. The waisted silhouettes, saturated colors, and bold textures are perfect embellishments for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

 The collection is the epitome of femininity as Oscar showcased perfectly cropped cigarette pants, full blown taffeta ball skirts with simple lace tanks, and summer tweed jackets paired with waterfall blouses. The array of fabrics include lace in all different weights, chiffons, summer tweed, silk tulle, silk taffeta, beaded sheer, fox fur, sequins, feathers, and crochet. Basically every single fabric you need in your wardrobe to be a certified glamazon. The accessories were equally titillating; costume jewelry, bowling bags, multi-stranded necklaces from bright colors to blacks, wide belts, and floral scarves, all were featured. Oscar’s prints included seemingly painted on vertical stripes, poppy motifs, and the ever present florals. The colors of the clothing for this collection translated just as well onto the footwear. The high multi-laced sandals, and transparent high-laced brogues were showcased in bright colors often times corresponding to the look with which they were paired.

I think we can start to appreciate the fact that this may be one of the best Fashion Weeks the industry has seen in years.

Do you think Oscar de la Renta knocked this collection out of the park?


Alice + Olivia S/S 2012

Top four looks from the collection.
I just got my hands on the Alice + Olivia S/S 2012 collection, and I am proud to say I have another contender for my favorite collection of this Fashion Week. Here’s the full collection (minus two repeat tunic dresses in different colors.).

Simplistic vintage silhouettes enriched with bold colors, textures, and prints makes for a tantalizing feast for my eyes. There isn’t a single piece in this collection that doesn’t bring something interesting to your look. From full a full ballet skirt to to a drop crotch jump suit in bone white with gorgeous silk chiffon draping, this collection combines statement making fashion with vintage simplicity to perfectly embody the season of spring. I am salivating over the saturated oranges and the vintage pastel color palette.

What do you think about the A + O collection? Worthy of shop therapy?

Plethora of Prints

Studded leopard-print Christian Louboutin sneakers.

There are a special two trends I’m crazy about this fall: Plaid, and leopard print everything. And the fact that I’m allowed to mix the two! Hehehe, over the top you say? Nay. Just wait to see what I’ve styled today!

Should I do a Dr. Suess themed post? I can rhyme all day.

I’m a pro at layering because its a huge part of my own style, it just so happens that layering looks good on every body type. For example, if you’re not so proud of your legs, you could pair a full length maxi-dress with a fitted peplum blazer to accentuate your gorgeous little midriff. Toss on a scarf, and a hat and you’re set for winter. I didn’t style anything like that for you today though, sorry. There is a scarf, a hat and a peplum leather jacket. So never mind that, they are kind of similar.

This look is good for your everyday life jaunting around the city. You could style it the way Net-a-Porter did, and switch the boots for some black patent leather pumps, the paneled leather jacket for a black blazer, and you’re ready for the boardroom. If you’re feeling crazy you could leave the leopard print scarf on!
Okay, I’m going to go find more ferocious looks in the S/S 2012 shows. Toodles!


Rachel Zoe S/S 2012

I know it’s late, but I couldn’t help myself! I had to post as soon as I got my hands on the photos from Rachel Zoe’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection! The NYC presentation was so not RZ, very simple. Also, did I mention some of the models were wearing FLATS?

Images via New York Post

RZ said this collection was inspired by  “Brigitte Bardot. Late sixties, early seventies, running around the south of France, being her glamorous self, but never kind of trying to be glamorous, she just is because she’s like the coolest thing ever.” 
I am in love with the collection. Rachel stayed on trend with the kind of burnt red’s and the royal blue jumper, but she remained true to her own aesthetic. Its a very vintage L.A. feel, mixed with an international projection. 

The only problems I have with this collection are: The bag in the look with the brown blazer and the maxi dress, it looks like a Celine rip off. I also am not a huge fan of the gold sequined mini-dress. It looks like it is out of a Kohls collection. Maybe if it was paired with a leather jacket and presented as a day look it wouldn’t look like such a filler. Otherwise, I love how Rachel hasn’t compromised who she is for the sake of making sales. Although, I do miss her promoting other designers other than herself on twitter. I guess that’s what happens when stylists turn to designers!

All criticisms aside Rachel Zoe is one of my great loves, and she will always be ba-nan-as.