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Ok people, another hectic day in the life of an up & coming magazine means you get a shorter post. Sorry!

Despite the fact that I hate how much Press LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) gets from prison, I am going to write about her again. The two things I’m writing about are too fucking ridiculous to pass up.

Lindsay is already trying to get more time between her release from jail & her stint in rehab. She says she needs to spend time with family. First of all, what judge in their right mind would let her spend time with that catastrophe of a family? 24hrs is a perfect break from being confined. Plus have you people SEEN the rehab center where she has to live?! Its nicer than any vacation resort most people will ever stay in. She isn’t going to rehab, she’s going on a fucking retreat! Come on Lindsay. I, & the rest of america have had just about enough of your victim act.

Also, LiLo is demanding that someone do her hair before she is released from jail. They must have taken out her extensions when she got there. So she says she must have her tracks put back in before she is released. Really Lindsay? Really? You think we give a fuck about what your HAIR looks like when you get released from JAIL? Get your priorities straight honey. Maybe you should worry about the fact that you’re in jail at all before worrying about your hair. The judge isn’t indulging this little tantrum she is throwing. The judge did say LiLo will be released some time around midnight to minimize the press coverage. But we know that won’t stop the paps.

I just miss the girl in the movie that got me through middle school, & is a must have at every one of my movie nights. Mean Girls. So as we watch our beloved Cady Heron go up in flames (starting with her crotch) we should remember the hours of enjoyment we all received from that timeless film.

I may say how much I despise Lindsay, but because of Cady, there will always be a place in my heart for LiLo. So, in these dark days I will leave Lindsay, & the rest of my Mean Girls with some words of encouragement.

Only a few more days (in jail) for you Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco.

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

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One response

  1. Dag

    I couldn’t agree more!! It makes me sad to watch Mean Girls…she had a lot of potential.

    July 31, 2010 at 2:45 am

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