Fabulosity, with an edge.

Mel Gibsanity

Well, here I go again posting my opinion on someone I truly don’t care about & someone who I think already receives an exorbitant amount of press. Yes, just like the majority of the people in this country,I am a hypocrite. But this man is so bat shit crazy I can’t pass up the opportunity to give my thoughts on the matter. So here’s the rundown. Mel & this Russian slut, Oksana, had some sex while Mel was still married. So, naturally, because Mel put his penis in something younger, & undoubtedly, something that felt a little less like sandpaper & fell in love with that something (vagina). Oksana was fine too. Mel slowly began to realize how much he didn’t like Oksana (this is all what I am assuming, but is probably incorrect because no one can predict the behavior of a loony toon.). Now they have a baby together & shit hit the FAN. Have you listened to his tapes? They’re raunch city. Despite how funny I think his insults are, I am tired of hearing about this mess of a divorce. She is shady, & he is crazy. This baby would be best friends with people like Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton. Mess. I feel sorry for the little thing.

Heads up: I don’t know what will be blogging about for the next four days. I’m going to Chicago for the first time with my two best friends! But stay tuned my faithful readers. It will surely be entertaining.

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

PS: This is what a row of winners looks like.


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