Fabulosity, with an edge.

No More Smearing The Queers!!

Well, I assume that most of you heard about the Prop 8 ruling because, well, you’re reading a blog called “The Fagazine.” So, I had always kept up with the Prop 8 trail but I didn’t feel emotionally invested in it. But, when I heard the news about Prop 8 being struck down I began to get “goosebumps” all over. Between the immense pride I felt for who I am, & all the support that was pouring into the interwebs via twitter & facebook from celebrities & normal citiziens alike for the gay community I couldn’t control my joy. I was in Bucktown, Chicago looking through a vintage clothing shop (could that be any more stereotypical?) with my two best friends & I got the news. I jumped around blabbing to everyone like a school girl who had just been kissed for the first time. I was in a state of euphoria for the rest of the day. Overcome by the relief I felt for those who had found their life partners, & now were allowed to marry and spend the rest of their life with that person in peace on an equal level with the rest of society, I was also relieved that I would be awarded the right to have this bond with the person I meet and fall in love with one day. For the longest time I have been asking those in support of Prop 8 why they wanted to inhibit the happiness of their fellow human beings, and their responses usually included the likes of God not making “Adam & Steve,” and “it will ruin the institution of marriage.” But my fallback argument was always, how does it affect you? What does allowing same sex marriage do to harm your life, or marriage? The institute of marriage has long been ruined with such high divorce rates among americans there is nothing to ruin. Straight people obviously can’t get it right, so why not let the gays have a go? So, we may have a long way to go with equality, & discrimination in america against gays, but this is a step, no, Its a giant leap in the right direction.

I am on the train out of Chicago & back to the Suburbs for the last time. This town is wonderful! I have found some great clothes & accessories that I know won’t be back in Cincinnati for at least another year. I also got the opportunity to grow closer to my two best friends, & have some delicious food! I will definitely be coming back here in the future.

Also, you Hollywood junkies have nothing to fear. When I get back to the homeland I will read up on all the goings on I have missed on my vacation & report on them extensively.

I must say, I am rather impressed with myself. I have written a semi serious post without using the words shit, fuck, or bitch! (Hehehe)

The Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

Remember fellow Queers, & Queens fly your flags with pride, you’ve got nothing to hide.

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