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My Big Fat Italian… Vacation

This is the reflection, & recap of my vacation in Chicago as I drive through cornfeilds.


As you all know, I went on a vacation to Chicago with my two best friends this week. We stayed with Stephen’s family. They’re all 100% Italian. They all speak some Italian & his mom & her siblings are fluent. We slept in his grandmother’s (nona) basement. Aside from the absolutely hysterical one liners flowing from this woman’s mouth, there was also a very steady flow of food. The most delicious food I have ever had. When Stephen’s entire family came over last night for Nona’s 71st birthday I got to see what a real family should be like. It was my family, but taken to the extreme. They are the closest group of people I have ever been around. Its like they are always on call to help another member of the family, & there was no sign of annoyance. This is how every family should be. Laughing, eating, & telling stories all the time. Everyone has their issues, but it doesn’t matter. They take care of one another.

That’s enough of that.

So, I was reading my Hollywood Blogs, & listening to the reports on the radio. What the fuck is going on in hollywood? Now that Lindsay is getting clean they have nothing to talk about except whether or not Rihanna got a nose job? Really people? Who gives a fuck whether or not she got a nose job! Judging by how depressing, & dark ALL of her music is we should be worrying about this bitch’s mental health. Not the diameter of her left & right nostrils. Come on Riri! Step out of the “Madhouse” & step into a regular house. Or get some Zoloft to include in all of your cd packages. You choose.

That’s all I’ve got for now.. Except for the Kardashian drama on all the tabloid covers this week.. Kourtney & Scott have a pretty fucked up relationship. He is a huge douche & finally went insane. Except, there was a little hitch. His breakdown was aired on national television. I’ll bet Mel Gibsanity is pissed.. “Damn you Ryan Seacrest Productions, you’ve exploited something personal & volatile and made Scott Dissick the most hated man in the country. I was counting on the publicity for the next few months so I don’t have to take that damn baby from Oksana.” You go girl. Without RSP we wouldn’t have access to the lives of those big ass, & big mouthed Armanian glamazons we love so much. Don’t worry about Mel, Ryan. We got your back.

I’m gonna round this mofo off with a few pictures from Chicago. The one of the Ear isn’t legolas from Lord of the Rings. Its Stephen. He got his cartilage pierced. The other pictures are Heidi. Enjoy!

I’m watching the newest RHONJ when I get a chance. I’ll offer my opinion as always.

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

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