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Downgrading Disney

Hello Fagazine readers! I apologize for my little hiatus from the blog world. I had to get back into the routine of reality back here is the nasti nati. There is a party at my house friday that I have been preparing for. So that’s why I haven’t blogged since I returned from Chitown. Also, I think now that I’m back home & settled I will be back to blogging on the daily! (It makes me feel better to think you’ve been concerned.)

Today’s topic is the Disney Channel. Today I was flipping through channels & when I came across Disney, I was reminded of their glory days. With Lizzy McGuire, Phil of the Future, & That’s So Raven. Disney was never in the headlines for scandals like they have been recently (Except for Vanexxxa Hudgens, but no one likes that skank anyways). When these shows were on it was before the time of Miley (the monster) Cyrus. Once she hit the scene Disney became a fame whore who was trying to snag the top spot with all other channels. This attitude landed them an actress who would be in the headlines for everything but her show, franchise & talent. Despite the problems Miley caused Disney they continued to mass produce pretty actresses who were ok with lip syncing. No offense to Selene Gomez, I love you gurl. Maybe its because That’s So Raven, & Lizzy McGuire were all on when I was a kid, but they seem to be better shows! Disney has clearly lowered their standards of production (I say that is if they had a standard of production in the first place).. My point is, that Disney needs to get back to the Raven Simone days & away from making Miley clones. Because if I hear my gurl Selena get called “the new Miley” one more fucking time, I am gonna throw up. Its such an injustice I can’t handle it anymore!

Enough talk about Disney. Why kick a horse when its already down, right?

Time to talk BRAVO!!! I am finally caught up on RHONJ, & I have some opinions to offer. Kim Granatell figured out that the only way she is going to be able to get to stay on the show is if she alienates herself from Dirty D (Danielle Staub). Let me tell you, that saggy old bitch did it with flare! Kim was throwing rage & poking Dirty D in the chest throughout the argument! Go girl! Then when D tried to make her escape Kim chased her outside with the rest of the restaurant following her like in the Wild West!! I believe her last choice words for Dirty D were something along the lines of “You’re an old fucking woman with square fucking tits!” & she also screamed about Danielle having no friends. Respect Kimmie, respect. On the newest episode the Manzo’s, Laurita’s, & Giudice’s all went on the vacation from hell. While watching the women be themselves & have a good time I realized I would be friends with them. But I also realized, YOU SHOULDN’T TAKE FUCKING KIDS ON A CRUISE FOR ADULTS!! I know Teresa loves her fabulous little divas but come on! They should have stayed home. Keep comin with the drama & comedy ladies, I’ll keep eating that shit up!

I am going to hold my tongue on the DC season for two more episodes. But, if you watched the episode you’ll understand these two words. “Salon Integration.”

Tonight is the season premier of Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis, & the second ep of RZP. Tune in people! Maybe if enough of you millions of my readers tune in, Bravo will read my blog!!

Personal note: I start my new job tomorrow! So excited! I’ll blog all about it.

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

PS: Keep up the good work Miley.

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