Fabulosity, with an edge.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Guys. This is going to be extremely short because I have a LOT going on today! I got my new phone earlier today! (A blackberry bold 9700 and I love it, iPhone was wayyy too expensive.) But anyways, I got to have all my family and all my friends in the exact same place last night at my grad party! Remember that quote from my early posts “I have the best friends in my world?” Yes, I still stand by that. It was the best! I love them so much. We just sat around laughing, eating and rehashing drama. So perfect. TONIGHT I am going to the Sugarland concert down at Riverbend with my family and friends again! Two nights in a row! Are you jealous? Yea, I am a gay who likes country music. I told you! I’m a complex kind of girl! Besides, my cousin is the lead singer of the band. So there ya go. I also watched all my bravo shows. The new Rachel Zoe? LOVEloveLOVE. But Rachel honey, it was a little heavy on the word Ma-jor. Get a new catch phrase. Cause that’s obnoxious. Love ya!

Also, the show reawakened my love for clothes. High end clothes. I love dressing myself and my friends and used to be really into high end stuff. Now I’m back! I am going to talk about the looks provided in the September Issues of Vogue and GQ so I can get some practice in. Practice for being a Fashion Journalist. So I can see how I feel about writing all about clothes. I felt like it was about time to put a little more fag in Fagazine anyways. What are your thoughts? Good or bad? Let me know! I need some feedback!

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

Ps: start commenting/tweeting/emailing me with topics you’d like me to write about. Thanks!


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