Fabulosity, with an edge.

Speak Up Queens and Divas!

Ok gays, I want you to become more active in the ideas and productions behind this blog. There is only so much funny I can produce and so much bitch I can kick out by myself. I am a teamwork kind of girl, and love to feed off the energy of my friends. So, from now on, email me, tweet me (@zachzapatoamigo), or comment with things you want me to write about. From how fucked up Mel Gibsanity is, how fantastic Tommy Hilfigers fall line is, issues in your life you need help with, and anything else your little glitter filled heart desires. So queens, ladies, and gents (if any read this blog..) Put your thinking caps on! Feel free to bedazzle them first if you feel more comfortable that way, I understand the need to beautify everything. I am very familiar with that desire. So please! Let me know what YOU wanna hear and read about!

Editor In Chief of Fagazine,

Also, Mel Gibsanity was so freaked out that he MAY have to take responsibility for his baby that he crashed his Maserati. Don’t worry bb, we’re well aware you’re fucking insane. Don’t demonstrate for us.


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