Fabulosity, with an edge.

I Went Black. But honey, I’m comin back.

Fagazine Faithfuls,

I know I have been remiss in my blogging this past month but I decided to take a break from the blogosphere to reinvigorate my, previously insatiable, desire to comment on all things pop culture. So, I do apologize for all the things that I have not commented on this past month, but the Fagazine is no longer black! I am back online and sassier than ever!

These past two months have been peculiar in the world of hollyhood to say the least, celebrity bullshit seemed to be at an all time high, until an unfortunate string of events hit this country. Especially the gay community. Six teens committed suicide due to gay bullying, and cyber bullying. This news truly did rock hollywood. And celebrities finally decided to use their influence on society for good. They all showed their support for a movement that began on Facebook called Spirit Day. Which was a day for everyone to wear purple (the color in the rainbow representing spirit) to show their support for all the gay teens who committed suicide, and for teens who are going through bullying right now, to show them that it does indeed get better. I myself have been extremely lucky and never experienced gay bashing or bullying because I have a very accepting family, and my high school was wonderfully open minded as well. But because I have been lucky I wanted to wear purple and do everything I could to get the word about wearing purple. I did just that. Everyone I know was wearing purple that day to show their support. All of my family, and all of my friends. If just one kid took notice, it was worth it.

Another result of this anti bullying movement was Ellen Degeneres excerting her power as Forbes ninth most powerful women in the world. Perez Hilton requested to be on Ellen’s show to discuss his views on gay bullying, but he didn’t know he was walking into a trap. When celebrities were asked the question of who they thought the biggest cyber bully was they almost unanimously responded with the name of this self proclaimed “Queen of All Media” Perez. As soon as he sat down on Ellen’s couch, she began tearing him to bits. Saying how she has never read his website but knew she didn’t like him because of the mean spirit of the entire thing. She got him to commit to being nice to the celebrities he reports on despite the fact that he would lose lots of money. Leave it to a lesbian to bring down the meanest queen in the country..

Anywho, I’m back bitches. So expect regular posts from here on, and comment as much as you can! I love the feedback.

This picture is unfortunate. Sorry for being a cyber-bully guys, but this is too good to not post on my rejuvination post. If you need a self esteem boost whip yo hair to this shit.


Editor In Chief of Fagazine,


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