Fabulosity, with an edge.

Third Person.

Don’t worry Zach Shumate isn’t going to write a philisophical post on how most people live their lives in the third person to avoid emotional attachment. He just wants to be sure you guys see this  PerezHilton article.

Zach Shumate laughed for twenty minutes about this post. Especially that picture!

Maybe James Franco failed acting class at NYU because of this very reason! Ha! Why does it have to be true that the majority of talented artists are fucking crazy, shy, egotistical, or dead? Seems like an unfair trade.

So incase you missed the link before, Zach Shumate will give it to you one more time, here.

Really, you need to read it. It will make you feel better about how crazy/egotistical you are.

Furthermore, Zach Shumate is posting a picture of himself for you to make your background, because he is simply that captivating.

You’re welcome.
(Photo Credit: HeidiPalmer  

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,
Zach Shumate


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