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Kardashian Kraze

The Kardashians (including the less significant Jenners) could take over the world with their numbers alone, but they’re starting with Hollywood, and another sister just stepped into the bright glitter filled limelight.

Kendall Jenner is bursting onto the modeling scene with a vengeance. I don’t know what or whom she is avenging, but that sentence sounded cool right? Anyways, she has been in several nationwide advertising campaigns already for Forever 21, and MARCC. She will be in more judging by the projects she has completed thus far. The fact that her name is already in the press (because of her big sisters) could mean that she is in the running for being the biggest supermodel since Tyra Banks (click that link, you won’t regret it).

I would have said Janice Dickinson, but God rest her soul, it didn’t seem appropriate. Oh, wait. Just because she did Celebrity Rehab doesn’t mean SHE is dead? Just her career.

In any case Kendall is going places, hopefully Ray-J won’t show up again.

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