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“Dark Knight Rises,” but LiLo is the Star

.. And he has risen because of a catfight outside his front door! The new installment of the Batman movies has Hollywood leading ladies freaking out.

There are two leading female roles up for grabs and Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, and Keira Knightley are scratching their way into the running along with Hollywood up-and-comers Kate Mara, and Charlotte Riley.

If one of the roles is for a villianess, my official vote is for Jessica Biel. She would be the most bad ass catwoman ever. She could kick anyone’s ass without the claws and whip, but they wouldn’t hurt her intimidation factor (and the sky high heels that she jumps across buildings in are enough to keep me interested!).

But on the other hand, if she did learn to fight for this movie her level of crazy would be taken to an even higher level and J.T. would be trapped in the glamorous hell he calls a relationship forever.

In true Christopher Nolan fashion we know nothing of the roles being casted, nor will we know who he chooses. But, we know it will be fabulous. If it is anywhere near as good as Inception I know I will like it. But could we find a way to fit Joseph Gordon-Levitt into the picture? Those ladies are all very attractive, but there are other audiences to appeal to in this country! Like the audience who likes the color pink, but still has leg hair (most of us anyways..)! So get on it Chris Nolan, the Fagazine knows best.

PS: Lindsay Lohan is still being showered with gifts as a result of her successful stint in rehab. Her Jewler friend  Pascal Mouawad gifted her with a very large necklace as a way to celebrate her new life. (Linz is also rumored to be starting her own line of jewelry with him, coincidence? No.) The Necklace, shown in the picture below is worth $25,000.

I once again am heavily considering developing an addiction and going to rehab. It’s the best career move she has made in years.
Good for you Lindsay. Keep up the hard work. (Try not to close your garage door on that brand new Range Rover that was just given to you again…)

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


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