Fabulosity, with an edge.

Cue Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

But seriously,

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life, and I owe it all to youuuuuuuu @laurieloulou22

(Do you get the Dirty Dancing reference? If you don’t because you haven’t seen that movie, then why the hell do you read this blog?)

This weekend in NYC, my life was made. And I have started making plans to move to the Big City in August.

I found love.

Twice. (Does that make me a gay polygamist? The Mormans won’t like it..)

I did some amazing shopping, and found some fantastic deals. But most importantly I got to go to the best Vintage Shop in the country, Chelsea Girl Couture! Owned by Elisa from Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, and Managed by her Non-Romantic Life Partner David, also from GWLBWLB.

I saw a Broadway Musical that moved me to tears (I know I’m “So Gay.”). Its where I met my unrealistically beautiful husband. No wise ass, not Elmo. Kyle Dean Massey.

The trip was PER-FECT and it wouldn’t have been possible without my gurl Lauren! Thanks bb!

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Post Script: Don’t worry readers, I know vacation is over. I have to review the Golden Globes award list and runway looks. I’ll post about it tomorrow.


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