Fabulosity, with an edge.

Pendleton Perfection

When recently reading the Man Repeller‘s post on “Man Friends” I came across the most perfect pair of sneakers I have ever laid my Lacoste adorned eyes on.

Pendleton Wool teamed up with VANS VAULT to make the VANS VAULT (Pendleton) TH-HI LX. The shoe retails for $130.00 and I have decided I must own a pair.

Just one problem: They’re sold out EVERYWHERE, and are going for around $600.00 on ebay.

I am one Devastated Daniel. But, I will find a pair, and I WILL buy them.

Here are some pictures so you all can share in my obsession.

 I’m drooling.

Seriously, a fountain of drool. (Talk about man repelling.)

These are SO hipster-y. But I am really okay with it.

Speaking of hipster-y accessories, the shoes will go really well with this hat I have, right?

Hopefully you guys can find a pair of shoes that cause a state of euphoria for you, as these do for me. Happy Hunting!

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



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