Fabulosity, with an edge.

SAG Awards, Round Dos.

Que? Didn’t you guys know I’m fluent in Spanish?


…No I’m not, tricked ya.

I decided to do a part 2 for the SAGgy Awards and every celebrity I googled was on Coco Perez. So thanks for the pics, gurl. (http://cocoperez.com/)


These are a mix of good, bad, and fugly.


Julie Bowen in a Catherine Malindrino Jumper. Everyone else was in floor (or almost) length gowns, and she was on her own little page. I personally dig it. She looks super chic and managed to stand out from the rest of the crowd while in black.


Melissa Leo, in Randi Rahm. First off, that fabric, looks like aluminum foil, why would you squeeze yourself into something that unforgiving? Second, it isn’t 2001, not even close to appropriate.


Barbara Hershey in Ali Rahimi. Did she have an accident while changing a giant infant? Those brown globs on the dress are gross.


Jenna Fischer in Fendi. I hate this so hard, I think Fendi might be playing a joke on her. Does she sponsor some kind of Amish Charity?


Rosario Dawson in J. Mendel. I love the amount of leg she is showing with this dress. The gold bracelets and ear rings are perfect too.


Julia Stiles in Monique Lhullier. Usually I don’t favor Julia, let alone a faded dress. But, this is pretty. She walked in and it caught my attention, which takes a lot. I think it may be her eyes, they’re stunning.


Julianna Margulies in YSL. This was another look that I lurved, and usually wouldn’t. If I was a stylist, I would never pick an all red gown for a RED carpet event, but because Julianna is so stunning, she still stood out. (I may be partial because I’m in love with “The Good Wife,” but hey, this is my blog. I’m allowed to be partial.)

There you have it, round two of the SAG awards over. This is what you get when Charlie Sheen is in Rehab. Two fashion centered posts in one day.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



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