Fabulosity, with an edge.

Daddy Issues.

This is a horrible day for Lindsay Lohan. First, she is accused of stealing of necklace, and she is adamant that she didn’t do it. The DA is saying the case is strong in the technical sense, but it has yet to be decided if she had the motive to steal said necklace. (NO, get real LA DA, you know girlfriend has the money. And she clearly isn’t starved for press attention.)


On top of all THAT her dead beat daddy Michael Lohan, was awarded the title of “Father of the Year” by The Weekender a Pennsylvania magazine.

Justin Brown, a columnist for the magazine attempted to cover their blatant publicity stunt saying:

“I hope people will read this and see him for the amazing father he is. The type of father I hope to be one day. Either way, everyone will have something to say about it!”

Ok Weekender, your fifteen minutes is up. Were you expecting anything but ridicule from celebrity crazed public of America? Michael Lohan is LESS than exemplary.


If he’s father of the year, my dad Todd needs to be canonized.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


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