Fabulosity, with an edge.

Photog Phables.

When are the paparazzi going to learn that they can’t get in the personal space of celebrities?

There have been several incidents of late involving overbearing photogs getting in the way of celebrities, and celebs are starting to fight back.

Back in September, in LA Paris Hilton and her beau Cy Waits ran over the leg of a photog who was one of about twenty blocking the front of their car while trying to leave a parking garage.

Here’s the video of the gnats being obnoxious:

This was right around the same time Paris and Cy got in trouble in Vegas for possession of cocaine. Paris told police she thought it was “a stick of gum” in the bottom of her purse..

Now reports have surfaced that Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Kenneth Hamilton was arrested earlier this week in NYC for allegedly roughing up a paparazzi back on November 26th. Apparently the photog got too close to the prince of pop and Hamilton shoved him up against a parked car.

(The Biebs is wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat in this pic! WOO! Biebs, I’m from Cinci, can I get an exclusive interview with you and Selena? Eh? Eh?)

Sounds like the bodyguard was doing his job to me…

Editor-In-Chief of the Fagazine,



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