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Court Chronicles: LiLo

Lindsay is still sounding off about the Felony Grand Theft charge.

She says that this is just another example of how she is an easy target for people to take a shot at right now. People know she is in a vulnerable position and want to take advantage of it.

Lindsay thinks the jewelry store owner is concocting a story that she stole the necklace. Linz still insists it was loaned to her.

She is saying she is “very nervous” about going back to jail, and says “nothing is worth going back.” But what she hasn’t said is that a jail sentence isn’t at stake here, its much more severe than that. State prison.

Another turn has taken place against Lindsay. Veteran L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers has been chosen to prosecute Lindsay on this case. This is the same woman who prosecuted Lindsay on her DUI case, and when Lindsay violated her probation, Meyers tried to get jail time for Lindsay.

Meyers has been named Prosecutor of the Year twice, and she specializes in felonies.

Things aren’t looking great for my girl right now. She should keep wearing fierce outfits right now, because soon she’ll be wearing boring court appropriate atire.



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