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C. (for CARPET GIRL) Siriano

You’ll see, the title def makes sense.

There was a funeral procession at Lincoln Center last night. Not, it was actually Christian Siriano’s show. there was just NO color in Siriano’s new line for Fall/Winter 2011. But good things come to those who wait, 24 looks in, he had the most gorgeous, rich green and rose in his clothes.

Christian opened his show with an all black look, shirt under jacket. Not too exciting up north, but take a gander downstairs and you’ll notice that the shoes are flawless. It’s not surprising that the footwear in his collections are neat because after all, the shoe collection/ collaboration with Payless is a HUGE moneymaker for Christian and he’s fairly good at it. And although one model fell and another almost ate it twice, the shoes still rock. It’s the price you pay for fashion.

She fell on purpose, just trying to show off the shoes.


As the looks come down the runway, we see more leather and more S&M boots.

It seems that the focus of this collection is really texture. The most prominent is the carpet texture, which he presented in a few looks on the sleeves and in the finale dress. Not a fan of the texture on the dress (see below), but the thick of the sleeves and the thin of the shirt make for a really interesting contrast. Additionally, a cool new texture: matte black scallops with shiny black leather. Shown on a skirt and a few dresses.

New texture, but still very him.

About halfway through the show, Christian introduced a new silhouette where the skirt ballooned away from the body, almost like it is repelling off of her. Its different, hopefully it’ll catch on.


One last thing:  Someone should really inform Siriano that if he wants to share some Post-Show champagne with his models who have been starving themselves for a month, he should wait until AFTER the show. Then they wouldn’t have so much trouble making it down the damn runway.

Lets be real, what was he thinking showing his bathroom rug at New York Fashion week? Poor Carpet Girl ended up having to carry the dress. Otherwise, I liked the collection. Very grown up, but still very Christian Siriano.

Technical Director, and Fashion Correspondent for Fagazine,



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