Fabulosity, with an edge.

Nicholas K F/W 2011

One of my favorite designers is Nicholas K, and their designs never fail to disappoint me. Seriously, never.


There’s something about the punky feel, muted colors, and copious amounts of fabrics that really get me going.
Will someone please buy me the shrug shown in the middle column worn by the male AND female models?! I’ve got a thing for androgynous clothing.


I’m dying for the jackets in the top row, and the skirt in the bottom row.
Weather forcast for this collection: Bad ass with a chance of nipple.


Alert, Alert: I NEED the pants shown in the top middle shot, AND the jacket.
And every look in the second row. ESPECIALLY the quarter zip hooded coat.


Any woman brave enough to wear fur, platform military boots, and a fur shroud is welcome to be my Non-Romantic Life Partner.


I am having a aesthetic attack over that leather jacket.
An Aesthetic Attack is similar to an Asthma Attack.
Except induced by fabulosity.


Most fashionable dog  ever.
I love how this duo showcases so many of their pieces on male, and female models.



Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



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