Fabulosity, with an edge.


Most Valuable Bieber.

Despite his team losing the NBA celebrity All-Star Game last night, half sized hoopster Justin Bieber won MVP for the night. He had eight points, two rebounds and four assists. (I don’t know what any of that but “points” means. So…)

The obligitory Bieber hair flip. Its still in tact even when playing basketball.
I want whatever he puts in that shit.


Uh, intimidation?


Oh no wait. He just saw this girl. Not intimidation.
The fever.


Is there some rule that if you wanna play basketball you have to make weird faces, wear sinfully hideous shoes, and gigantic clothes?


Bieber, Trey SongZ, and that one child rapper who never made it like The Biebs has. Remember him? I don’t. He was Lil Bow Wow’s “competition.”


Wait. There were ACTUAL celebrities there? Hm.
I guess I will watch next year.


If he was to be turned into an animated Disney character, he would be a deer.
Like Bambi. With a hoodie.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



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