Fabulosity, with an edge.

Kelly Cutrone is my Idol.

I am obsessed with Kelly Cutrone, she is the most confident woman on the planet. And rightfully so. She is the mastermind behind the Fashion PR firm Peoples Revolution. Reading her book “If You Have to Cry Go Outside” made me feel even more proud to be a gay man than I already am. I mean hello, look at the name of this blog.

Then her show on Bravo “Kell on Earth” (which NEEDS to be brought back for another season) convinced me that going into fashion is what I am meant to do.

“When you wake up in the morning, you’re a blank canvass. Fashion allows you to paint yourself.”

Kelly is a symbol of motivation for me to start school in the fall and kick ass until I am a celebrity/editorial stylist.

This amazing woman never stops, and when she responded to a tweet of mine where I told one of her haters to “kick fucking rocks” my heart almost stopped.

Follow her on twitter here.

Buy her book here.


Share in my love for her, here:


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