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Paris Fashion Week: Streets

My favorite trends this year at Paris Fashion Week were on the streets. Textures and Colors galore.

These have to be the best adaptation of “Blue Suede Shoes” ever.

Lets just get the accessories out of the way, That necklace is heaven on top of the salmon-y colored shirt. I also love the Celine carry all pouch. I want one. And me thinks I am going to purchase almost an exact replica from American Apparel.

If you have these rings, and wear them in my presence, you’re automatically raised to best friend status.

Ya know, just two gorgeous Parisian bff’s being perfectly on trend between shows.

Not so much color in this one, but there was no way I could pass up those perfectly polka’d pantalones, paired with the scarf and the tuxedo jacket. Also, her hair is EVERYTHING.

I’m obsessed with how modern this look is. The pink frock with that chunky necklace is making me sweat. And those Acne “Admire” Wedges? Major.

I want to live in this Balenciaga frock. Two frocks in a row, both worn with black leather wedges that are ankle torture. I didn’t do it on purpose I swear.

STOP IT. Big Bird meets Paris Fashion Week. So much glam.

Lavender pleated skirt. Socks and Sandals. Bright red sweater to match bright red lips. Fashion week success.

The shoes are KILLER. Also, I’m loving the giant fur on top with the bare legs.

Green pencil skirt, with the statement leggings is enough to get the Fashion Forward job done, but the pleather jacket on top is PERFECT. The outfit is on trend, and captures her personality too.

How can she wear such a “night” outfit during the day, but still look so good? Also, did you notice her COLORED FUR BAG?? Cause I did.

Rounding this partay off with my favorite look from Paris Fashion week. This is such a pretty silhouette, and I love a good Hermes scarf moment. But the way SHE is wearing it is on another level. Bravo random fashionista, bravo.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



PS: Did you have a good weekend? Cause Charlie Sheen did. He got fired from “Two and a Half Men.” But its okay, he’s still #winning. There hasn’t been any word on whether or not the show has been cancelled or if they’ll recast.


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  1. Love. Love. Love.

    March 7, 2011 at 7:14 pm

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