Fabulosity, with an edge.

Didya? Wouldya?

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I do [[kind of]] have a life outside of Celebrities and Fashion…


But just because you don’t see your daily dose of homosexual here, doesn’t mean you can’t get it!

If you head over to Through My Blackberry you will be sure to find a heaping helping of homo.

You can see pictures of Me, the grandest gay in Cincinnati making faces in mirrors. Sometimes the faces are explained, most times not.

You get to see my coworkers, and myself (not) working.
You can’t buy culinary prowess such as this. They fashioned the food into a SMILEY.

And you get to see pictures my friends in California send me from The Castro in SanFran. Relax. Its a cookie. Wow guys, don’t be such prudes…


I know some of you already have. But wouldya? Didya follow me on Tumblr yet? Its fun I SWEAR.

What’s better than laughing at some one else’s topsy turvey life?

Nothing, that’s what.


So follow me.




Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



(You guys aren’t really bitches, that was to be punchy..)


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