Fabulosity, with an edge.

Fagazine Fotoshoot

Due to scheduling issues, the second photoshoot for womenswear has been postponed. But we got up very early and did a menswear shoot with my best gay Stephen.

First Look:

Suburban Torture

Fedora: H&M // Coat: Urban Outfitters // Skinny Jeans: Bull Head // Shoes: Nike // Tshirt: Old Navy; Cut to shit by Sam Baiera// Flanel: Vintage // Scarf: Vintage //

Are you feeling like a hipster for reading my blog yet? Just wait.

I mean, what a scene kid. But he owns it.


I see areola.

Wow. I never thought I would miss 1994.

“This is the only time I will ever be at a baseball field by my own will.”


Second Look:

Hipster at a Funeral.
(In a baseball field…?)

Blazer: H&M // Tshirt: Urban Outfitters // Scarf: Nordstrom // Skinny Jeans: Bull Head // Shoes: Nike

THAT is what you made her wear for eternity?!”

“I don’t care WHAT she said, gays don’t go to hell!”

“Okay, I’ve composed myself. Is it time for the wake yet? I’ll be fine after a cosmo.”

Stephen didn’t say any of these things. I’m just good at applying photographs to random scenarios.
Thanks for lookin.

As always, photos by Heidi.
Styled by yours truly, funded by Stephen.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


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