Fabulosity, with an edge.

Liberal Lesbian.

JAYKAY. She isn’t really. She’s just starring as one in her new movie. The movie is an indie flick called “Angels Crest.”

Kate Walsh is one of my favorite aggressive liberals out in the Land of Holly who isn’t afraid of a little twitter conflict.


"Bring it."



Back in January, Bristol fucking Palin was scheduled to give a speech at Washington University on abstinence.

Students quickly started protesting because, well, obviously.

Kate tweeted “Welcome to the Idiocracy!” when a student at Wash.U. asked Kate to join in the protest.

The speech was cancelled by the University. They said it was a mutual agreement. Right. The conversation probably went like this:

University: Everyone hates you, so you can’t come talk here. Also, you’ve got a child out of wedlock. You didn’t abstain. Remember?

Stoopid: Yeah but now I can tell people not to do it because sex isn’t that great.

University: Maybe its just Levi, because we think sex is pretty great.

Stoopid: Well maybe I should try again, cause seriously it wasn’t worth having this kid for.

University: Aren’t you glad you didn’t say that in front of 10,000 students who already thought you were a moron?



(There are few people who anger me more than Sarah Palin, but Bristol is one of them. She openly criticizes celebrities like Kim Kardashian for not having to work for their fame, and being bad role models. Um, excuse me you delusional bitch, you’re an insufferably ignorant “politician’s” daughter who did nothing but have sex with one of the stupidest men on planet earth to get your career going. Shut the FUCK up.)

Phew, back to my point. Palin’s really get under my skin.

This isn’t Kate’s first Lesbian role. She was a transgender suspect on CSI, and in 2003 she played Sandra Oh’s partner in “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

I love me some fearless actresses.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,



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