Fabulosity, with an edge.

Designer of the Month

I am going to make a compilation of pictures of looks by a new designer or fashion house each month and set it as the background on the blog.
This month I decided to go with the Olsen twin’s collection.
The Row
F/W 2011

This is another version of the compilation I set as the background on the site:
My favorite looks from the season’s collection;
Giant tube socks, a full leopard print coat, a loafer moment, and a fur stole on her head? I’m in love.

So impractical. So perfect.

I love the menswear in this collection mixed with all the fur, and the vintage esque women’s wear.

If i saw this outfit walking down the street I would stop dead in my tracks and say:
“Hi, would you and your alligator gloves like to be my best friend?”

Leopard loafers and colored fur coat. Please and thanks.

Wide legged tuxedo and a sequin tie means The Row was my favorite F/W 2011 collection.

She’s wearing a cape with loafers. Did you notice?
Did you have a gaygasm?
I did.



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