Fabulosity, with an edge.

F/W 2011 Men’s Outerwear

I’m ready for Spring, and warm weather but I already find myself planning my looks for Fall/Winter.
Today I decided to tackle outerwear.
These are all from F/W 2011 collections.
Rag & Bone
Rag & Bone are one of my very favorite designers, because they embody two of my favorite things.

1. They’re pro’s at layering. A staple of my personal style
2. They’re from England, and are inspired by old English style. I love scones.
If someone doesn’t buy me that plaid vest, and the ascot I will consider all hope for humanity lost.

I’m almost positive the body of this coat is calf fur. Peta is freaking out.
But it is gorgeous.

I love the pattern on these two past looks.
I NEED that orange vest, and the pants with the extravagant knee pads!
I would totally play volleyball again is someone bought me those.

More calf hair. I love the pants.
Why is he so furious?

This is my favorite look in their entire collection. 
I love the slouchy suit with the fur hooded sweater under it. 
The two button down shirts with the ascot are not superfluous at all.
Burberry Prorsom

I can’t stop drooling over the color, or the collar.

So much drama, and that’s what I’m all about.
I am a Scorpio, after all.

So much detail in this jacket. It’s one of my favorites.

I am obsessed with the fabric, structure and vintage inspired collar.

Because, why wouldn’t I want to wear the floor mats from my car?

So perfect. I’m obsessed with the gloves. And The belts closing the jacket.

This collection exhibits the western trend at its finest. 
I WILL be wearing my jean jacket with a bow tie.

Ermenegildo Zegna

I feel that this is straight out of American Gangster.
And I love it.
Imagine if Denzel wore his gun hanging from the new and improved fanny pack shown below.

Why yes, Ermenegildo, I do love your new stylish take on the fanny pack.


I love the slim fit of this coat. I’ll call this look “Excalibur,” because it looks like he’s wearing a sheath.

So sleek. Do you feel rejuvenated? Because you sir, are fresh.

This isn’t outerwear, but I had to include it. Because, obviously.

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