Fabulosity, with an edge.

I’m Obsessed with Hats Today.

So I found my favorite looks featuring hats. 
Ya see? I’m committed to pleasing you, readers.
She’s a mysterious private eye. On the case to find the best men.
 Finding a fashionable fella is no easy feat.
Well, at least one who doesn’t love Mariah Carey. If you know what I’m sayin.

This is another instance where I would demand that this print mixing princess take my hand in best-friendship. Then I’d steal her blue bag when she was making us hot tea in her mod apartment.

What a cool chick. She knows it too, and ain’t got time for you.

This outfit is SO Chanel. How can you not love it? 
Her face totally says;
“Get off me, bro.”

Look at this Bashful Belinda! Don’t be shy! Werque.

Show stopping, by way of hat.

This is a Kate-Hudson-Fashion-Hippie moment. The sun even decided to help with the shot.
That beauty mark on her lip is perfectly placed. Real or fake?
The Boy’s Turn:
Dude could seriously be Jack Nicholson’s brother.
I love this whole outfit. But those Person sunnies go PERFECTLY with the fedora.

Doesn’t he just make you feel happy? 
Relax you pervs.
He has the nicest face I have ever seen. Its a nice change from the smolder.

The fedora is fairly nondescript, but that Hermes scarf cannot go unnoticed.

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