Fabulosity, with an edge.

Women’s F/W 2011

When in doubt, go balls out.
My picks for the must haves of F/W 2011 in Womenswear are not about subtlety.
Obviously, if you can afford any of the items in The Row’s collection, get it.
But we’ve been there and done that, so we’re moving on to brighter and bolder pastures.
We’ll get this brightly colored ball rolling with;
Rag & Bone
I’ve already told you why they’re one of my favorite designers, click this way if you missed it.
I call this collection “Cowboy chic, meets Tron, meets Perez Hilton.”
Every single piece of footwear in this collection is to die for. 
My favorite look in the collection.. Those boots, and the coat are SO over the top.

Living for this asymmetrical design right now.

This same pattern is in the men’s collection, I love that it is here too.
They’ve taken layering so far that they have a separate hood, with a zipper.
I love.

The outfit borders on Daytona 500 esque until you look at the shoes and the vest.

Calf hair coat. reflected in the men’s collection as well. Equally as obsessed.

YES. I can’t believe they paired boots with this look! 
But it works so well.

I love print mixing.

This chick is the bad ass of the collection.
Are you scared of her?
Alexander Wang
I call this one “Hogwarts Chic.”
Hermione Granger

Professor McGonagall.

Fleur Delacour

She has Hagrid’s ear muffs on her shoulders.

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