Fabulosity, with an edge.

An Adventure: Yellow Springs Ohio

Sunday, I decided to take a trip up north. Being a blogger, I like to document things. I had my best friend Heidi (who happens to be a photographer) bring her film camera, and travel with my cousin Kelsey and I to 
Yellow Springs Ohio.

We set off in good spirits, because the weather was flawless. 
85 and Sunny.
We sang country music, because despite our overpriced clothing, we are still from Ohio.

on our way

We took my parent’s car, because none of our’s are reliable to make the 40-60 minute drive.
And, Kelsey drove. 

Anything could happen with this queen behind the wheel.

first stop, food
It took all three of us too long to get ready to have time for breakfast.
We were starving.
Just kidding. 
They weren’t gone. I just had Heidi take this picture because it reminded me of Gilmore Girls.

 That’s where we had lunch. 
It was the best fish sandwich I have ever had. 
And being raised Catholic, I know fish. 
It is Lent ya know.
Kelsey was thrilled about sitting in the sun. 
Little did she know, her shoulders wouldn’t be so thrilled four hours later.
full tummies, time to explore


We didn’t actually go inside.
What the hell would I do with a tie-dyed item of clothing? 
See that little baggie? It holds my treasures of the day. Two vintage tie clips.

what’s that I hear?
There are musicians everywhere in Yellow Springs.

Based on that kid’s sense of style alone, I would have bought their CD.
But their music was phenomenal. 
By the end Kelsey, Heidi, and I put more money in their case than all other passers by combined.

Another set of musicians.
Not as good.
Not as stylish. 
But don’t the two go hand in hand?

they’ve got a lot going on

This vigilant reporter took a liking to Heidi, and gave her a flower. Shown later.
the asian garden
When you first enter Yellow Springs, on the right side of the main road is one of the more interesting buildings.

I love fashion, yes it’s true.
And I’m a brand whore through and through.

couples of note
Their dramatic demeanor, and eccentric style begged to be photographed.

This elderly couple kept popping up all over town, and I begged Heidi to snap a picture.

As we walked past them for the fourth time, she finally obliged. 
I never spoke to them, but I wanted to be their friend.

our exodus
After a long day of eccentricities and a Dave Chapelle sighting, we made our way back to the car.
(Dave Chapelle lives in Yellow Springs with his wife and daughter.)

Heidi told me to take a picture of her and her admirer’s flower.
She took his flower in more ways than one.
I don’t know if you can see, but the back of this biker’s leather vest says moose on it.
I wanted to ask why he had such an affinity for the creature Sarah Palin enjoys killing.
I asked Heidi to take a picture instead. She had already done it.
We are the same person.
“Kelsey, if your hair gets any higher it’s gonna go through the sunroof.”
Heidi can turn a boring ride through the Ohio countryside into a beautiful photograph.


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