Fabulosity, with an edge.

Alice + Olivia; A love story

Have you seen Alice + Olivia’s F/W 2011 collection?
If not, get your shit together.
It is perfect.
I’m going to show you why.
Don’t act like you didn’t know.
Print Mixing Palooza
The boots and the skirt are enough to put the look over the edge.
The printed shirt, and jacket are on another level.

I can’t really think of a way to aptly describe how much I love this entire look.
I can say that the model looks like a cone head though. 
And she’s terrified.

Someone call Kate Hudson. She needs this dress.
It’s so old Hollywood Glam. 
And her mom is Goldie Hawn, duh.

I am obsessed with the print on this jump suit.
Actually, I’ve never seen a jump suit I didn’t like.
Every time I try to type the word suit, muscle memory takes over and I type “shit.” 
I’m so profane..

The coat paired with that dress is very “Proenza Schouler.”
But better.
Roxy Olin, is that you? How’d you get off the Brothers & Sisters set?!

Leather flare pants, and a sequin blouse?
Call Rachel Zoe, she needs to dress her future transsexual child in this.

I love purple (nurple).

This look shows a little more leg than I would ever allow my entourage to show.
But the giant scale-like sequins make it gay club friendly. 

The only time I will EVER condone red and black together.
Go UC Bearcats?

The skirt is beaded and fringed!!

Her thorough disdain for the world is noted.
But it doesn’t take away from the crazy pattern on the skirt.

I mean, come on. 
Last but not least, my favorite look. 
I am salivating over the lace blouse.
The coat is something I would like in my closet just to look at.
One day, when my favorite celebrity client is in a bind, I will bestow it upon Khloe Kardashian her.

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