Fabulosity, with an edge.

Book Club

I am going to tell you all what I am reading. Then tell you to read it.

Prepare yourselves.

I thought about typing the title. But, its right there. On the book. You guys aren’t that stupid.
Anyways, its laugh out loud funny. I know you’ll like it. I mean, you read this blog.
I’m a sassy gay.

Freeman Hall, is also a sassy gay. (Forgive his frosted tips in the portrait on his bio page.)
At one point he refers to a customer as a “nasty ass greasy hobbit theif.” 
What else do you want from a book? Also, it started as a blog.
Which gives me hope that I may one day do the same. 
Except, I will run a magazine. You did notice that the second half of my blog ends in azine right?
Read the book.  Bitchez. 
See how sassy I am? I just called you guys bitchez.
Don’t take it personally. Without readers this blog is dumb.
Dumb I tell ya.

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