Fabulosity, with an edge.

Cincinnati Fashion Week Day 3; A Fashionable Fetish

Tonight was a three tier event at CFW, and it was glorious.

First there was a presentation given by renowned Japanese Couture collector Mary Baskett (more on that in the morning, but it was fabulous). Then, there was a delicious Sushi meal by Sushi Bear, and finally, the fashion show later in the evening presented by Fetish Boutique in Hyde Park.

First, let’s talk about the party goers:

Myself and my new new friend Emily Dannemiller, the designer of Foundry M
Her label’s tagline is “Industrial Chic Wearable Art,” and it is so true. Her designs are gorgeous.

I was actually drooling over Brock’s necklace tonight. 
You should read the blog she has with her bestie Marsha. They’re my new Cincy Blogger friends. 

Cincinnati Fashion Week’s fabulous PR man, Kenneth and his bestie Adhrucia. She also happens to be a prettier  Rashida Jones look-a-like.

That’s me and Victoria Sandipher. She’s a stylist, and you can check her out at Paper Doll Cincy.
Fetish Boutique Fashion Show:

I am litchrally Rachel Zoe Dying for that group of people right now. The fabulosity radiating from that picture is enough to fuel a gay club for an entire week. Someone call Ke$ha, this place about ta Blow.
The three glamazons in the middle are the masterminds behind the show. 
[Left to Right]
Ashley Burnside, the owner of Fetish Boutique in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Nathan Hurst CEO and Founder of Cincinnati Fashion Week, and the genius behind the hair Vivian Moore Managing Vice President of Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa. Their collaboration made the show something to keep the Cincinnati Fashionista’s coming back for years to come.
Cincinnati’s Lady Gaga:

This is Jessica Cornetet. She has ruled the Cincinnati modeling scene season after season, and her reign doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon.

Tonight was another amazing night of Fashion, and if you’re sad that you’re missing out, you should totally get tickets to the final three events! Click here for more info.



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