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Cincinnati Fashion Week Day 4; Landor Associates Graphic Fashion

Landor Associates is a Creative and Branding Agency based out of San Fransisco, but Cincinnati is their Biggest office. Landor dresses their windows in collaborations with local artist, and they incorporate graphic design in the windows as well. Executive Creative Director Steve McGowan told me, “Selfishly, the windows are really to inspire our people. But when we find a way to inspire ourselves and the community, that’s when it’s magic.”
I think the best part of Landor’s windows, especially their SMASHUP Creative Project that I showcased last month is how they bring the “creative underground” of Cincinnati to the forefront. There is a large art beat hear in Cincinnati, but no one seems to know about it. Landor does a great job of drawing attention to the creative scene that Cincinnati has to offer. 
The Graphic Fashion event was held in the alley way next to the old Shillito’s building in downtown Cincinnati which now houses Landor Associates.
The Graphic Fashion Models:

Myself, my friend Devin, and Drew (who took these pictures, Ryan had class last night.) The party was a blast, and it was a beautiful night for it.

Tonight, I am not covering the Cincinnati Fashion Fund dinner, as it should be a more formal affair. I was asked to cover another exciting event going on in Cincinnati. The MusicNow Festival!

Visit their website for ticketing information and a setlist.
Come and see me!
You can also see me by getting tickets to Saturday Night’s Fashion Finale, and the After Party!
“Like” Cincinnati Fashion Week on Facebook for discounted ticket prices. And while you’re at it, “like” The Fagazine on Facebook!
This week has gone by so fast, I don’t want it to end. So all of you, come out to see Cincinnati Fashion Week’s Swan Song on Saturday night or you’ll have to wait until next season to experience the ferocity!



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