Fabulosity, with an edge.

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Laura Dawson

The first show of the evening was one that didn’t disappoint.

Laura Dawson‘s collection was fairly structural, and had a lot of basics necessary for any stylish woman’s wardrobe. But, she refined them with little twists in the details of each garment.
Photos by Ryan Seminara

The exposed zipper on this seemingly normal overcoat takes the look from “Carmen Sandiego chic” to “Catherine Zeta Jones walking through the rain to a business meeting chic”.

Knit leggings made several appearances in Laura’s collection, and they were possibly my favorite part. Like the rest of the collection, its a classic look with a modern twist. That chunky knit sweater has an almost distressed look to it which is a welcome contrast to the rest of the collections structure.

You can barely tell in this picture, but my favorite part about that gorgeous maroon coat is that it has a hood.

This dress is the perfect length to transition from work, to play. The sleeves are deliciously feminine as well.

The structure that the fabric gives this dress is gorgeous.

I’ve never seen a sequin skirt that I’ve didn’t like. This is no exception to the rule. 

This low cut jumpsuit is gorgeous. I love the cardigan on top, and even though this isn’t a look every body type can pull off, it elongates those who can. 

This jacket is perfectly cut, and even though the asymmetrical zipper is a modern design in itself, the pink accents (which also appear throughout the collection) are even more unique. 

That sweater is my favorite garment in the whole collection, the triangle design in the middle is captivating on the runway. 

Once again, the pink accents and the cut on this coat make all the difference in the world. 

Another perfect outfit for going from day to night, a little eye shadow and you’re in business.

We could ignore it, but lets talk about the elephant in the room. Her bra is playing peekaboo. 
But she’s owning it. 

I am thoroughly convinced that those knit leggings have the ability to flatter any woman’s legs. Those are an investment that need to be made. 

This outfit is so “Mimosas with friends in the Hamptons chic”.

Sequins “for days.”



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