Fabulosity, with an edge.

Weekend Whirlwind

I have been working my ass off lately, so sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. I gotsta make monies, yo.

Anyways, this weekend is going to be off the sequined chain! Tomorrow night, The Fagazine will be attending Karaoke Night at the Bow Tie Cafe in Mt. Adams. It starts at 9pm, and if you want to see me belt it out on stage, you should be there.

Photo from Sweat Training’s Blog. Read their synopsis of the Bow Tie Cafe, here.

Saturday night, I am going to the “Curtain Up!” kick-off event for the Cincinnati Opera. It’s Bollywood themed, and my outfit is going to be outrageous.

My twinnie, Amy Elisabeth will be at both events photographing every moment. So there will likely be another shot similar to this one.

What? I’m not ashamed. That night was fun as shit. You can see dozens other of fabulous pictures on her Facebook.

I’ll have a photographer there as well, and I’ll be damned if I don’t snag a snappy of her gettin’ her groove on as well.



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