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Fashion Trend: Capes

Ladies, Gentleman, Drag Queens, Glitter Children, REJOICE! A new trend is emerging!

A short time ago, Kate Moss wore a Scarlet Red beaded Rodarte cloak to her wedding. I know, right? The duh-rama is unspeakable. I’ve always had an affinity for hot mess chic, and the drug paraphernalia Kate has hidden in that cloak is the epitome of HMC.

Fret not, the drama doesn’t stop there my friends. While Kate Moss was having her gorgeous albeit drug fueled wedding in the Bucolic English Countryside, Sarah Jessica Parker was plotting her revenge. She received no invite to the wedding, and she was not about to miss out on this cape action. (Kate Moss actually wore a custom made Pailette Beaded Coat by Rodarte, but for the purposes of this sarcastic post, it’s a cape, got it?) In fact, she decided to do Kate one better, and dispel those nasty “horse face” allegations once and for all.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Inner Dialogue: Take THAT Society!
My verbal dialogue with my computer screen: Oh my shit. 
(My computer didn’t have much to say, it can’t talk.)
SJP: Oh no I didn’t!
Me (and the rest of America): WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER TOES?? Oh. That’s the shoe.
This shoe, actually.
 Christian Louboutin Alex “Lion Paw” Pump. It brings new meaning to the phrase “pussy-footing around.”
HA! Okay bye!

Oh, the cape costume is Giambattista Valli Couture F/W 2011. I guess that’s relevant. 


One response

  1. Ha ha! You had me at "What the hell is wrong with her toes?" You're not joking with "pussy-footing around", my friend. That's one pair of Loubis that WON'T be clawing it's way into MY closet! As for the Wonder Woman cape, I'll stick with Miss Kate's coat.

    September 2, 2011 at 8:23 pm

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