Fabulosity, with an edge.

Rachel Zoe S/S 2012

I know it’s late, but I couldn’t help myself! I had to post as soon as I got my hands on the photos from Rachel Zoe’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection! The NYC presentation was so not RZ, very simple. Also, did I mention some of the models were wearing FLATS?

Images via New York Post

RZ said this collection was inspired by  “Brigitte Bardot. Late sixties, early seventies, running around the south of France, being her glamorous self, but never kind of trying to be glamorous, she just is because she’s like the coolest thing ever.” 
I am in love with the collection. Rachel stayed on trend with the kind of burnt red’s and the royal blue jumper, but she remained true to her own aesthetic. Its a very vintage L.A. feel, mixed with an international projection. 

The only problems I have with this collection are: The bag in the look with the brown blazer and the maxi dress, it looks like a Celine rip off. I also am not a huge fan of the gold sequined mini-dress. It looks like it is out of a Kohls collection. Maybe if it was paired with a leather jacket and presented as a day look it wouldn’t look like such a filler. Otherwise, I love how Rachel hasn’t compromised who she is for the sake of making sales. Although, I do miss her promoting other designers other than herself on twitter. I guess that’s what happens when stylists turn to designers!

All criticisms aside Rachel Zoe is one of my great loves, and she will always be ba-nan-as.



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