Fabulosity, with an edge.


The waiting game.

As I wait on the edge of my seat for photos from the men’s shows today, I’ll share with you two photographs I’ve come across of celebrities who may not be looking their best.

That will make everybody feel better, right?

First of all, let me say I respect Chloe Sevigny for being such a shameless self-promoter. Every single thing on her body is Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. While yes, those shoes are utterly flawless there are two more things to be learned from this photograph. Chloe Sevigny does not photograph well when she’s drunk so I guess that means she never photographs well. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh NO he didn’t!” and to that I say, no I didn’t. Don’t you see that line through the text? That means I’m morally exempt from feeling guilty about the horrible things typed under said line. Also, she’s so drunk she missed the spot she was supposed to stand by 6 solid inches. Woopsie poopsie!

I don’t care how fabulous Audrina’s Chanel sunglasses are in this picture, I can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Either she has four boobs, or she has no clue how to wear a bra. #amirightladies?

That brings me to my next point: Instead of calling people shitheads, or other profane things when they do me wrong/say something stupid, I’m going to start calling them boobs. I may not have an affinity for the object, but that word sure is funny.

Have a good day, and remember: Don’t be a boob!



Daily Dose of Perfection

I thought everyone could use a heavy helping of celebrity fabulosity to brighten their Thursday evenings, so here you go!

Images via: The Vogue Diaries

I am obsessed with vintage looks lately..

Kim Kardashian, wearing a lighthouse as an engagement ring.

Farrah Fawcett, is that you? Annalynne McCord looking vintage and flawless in NYC.

Frocks are probably my favorite trend ripping through Hollywood right now, Ashley Tisdale, Carrie Underwood, and Elsa Pat are doing it right.

Gwen Stefani is the new Sharon Stone, with more style, and better hair. Serious vixen moment, “No Doubt.” Hehe, get it?

The pattern on that dress is insane, but even more insane is the Alexander McQueen belt Maggie Q slipped in there without you noticing.

Uma Thurman has always been, and will always be a Red Carpet dynamo. How many celebrities can look so cool and composed in cobalt blue? The Cannes Music Festival was in for a treat that night.

My favorite look of the past month, Whitney Eve. In case you couldn’t tell, her bag is encrusted in Swarovski Crystals. Killer. Her dress is by Haute Hippie, and her sandals are Minolo Blahnic Jeweled T-Strap Sandals.

The weekend starts tomorrow, so take these pictures as inspiration. Go forth and be fab.

Who is your favorite fabulously dressed feline?

Mama Bear in Louboutins

I am on the go today Fagazine Faithfuls, but I couldn’t pass up sharing this picture of Victoria Beckham I stumbled upon.

She is the most fabulous pregnant woman I have ever seen, even at a soccer game. Never the less, her I-will-rip-your-nuts-off expression, combined with the dramatic movement of her cardigan makes me think she is carrying Edward Cullen’s second child.

Clearly her pregnancy hormones have turned her into the Hollywood Hills Tyrant, and she has the other celebs running.
Poor Diane Kruger has gone incognito! But someone forgot to tell her that such intense print mixing will only result in more speculation from fashionistas.

What say you Fagazine readers? Too much print mixing, or did she bring the perfect amount of vagabond chic to this look? 

In my opinion, if she lost the jacket (This picture was taken at LAX, there is no way she needs a chunky knitted jacket anyways.) the outfit would be perfect. Those sandals are to die.


Fabulosity Friday

Fridays are fabulous.
Everyone is happy, and the get dressed up to go out on the town.

Yeah, people still say “go out on the town.”
It wasn’t just the SATC girls.

Here are some celebrity looks to inspire you.

At Coachella:

  At premiers:

At Events they get paid to attend:

Go forth gaybies, and look your best.

The Met Costume Institute Gala 2011

If Anna Wintour hadn’t been concieved, and started in the fashion industry we wouldn’t have the most fantastically fabulous night of the year in the world of fashion. The Met Ball.

Here are my favorites from this year. And, of course the ghoulish gremlin who looked the worst.
Images from Coco Perez, and The Cut.
The Queen:
Anna Wintour in custom Chanel S/S 2011. The dress was originally sleeveless. 
But she gets what she wants. Always.

Dakota Fanning in Valentino. Perfectly age appropriate. 
Why is it fair that her skin is so perfect?

Daphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen. 
Without taking away from her perfection, I can’t help thinking how she might be Big Bird’s mistress.

Gisele Bundchen in Alexander McQueen F/W 2005. 
She is so Jessica Rabbit right now.

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton Fall 2011. 
I love how funky the dress is, and that her hair is pulled back!
She knows she looks hot.

Madonna in Stella McCartney. How do I critique Madge? 
Even when she looks horrible I can’t say anything ill about her.

Miranda Kurr in Marchesa. Are you dying?! If not for the dress, than look at the shoes!

Remember when she was on “The Simple Life”? I do.
Remember when her dress made everyone else forget?
She’s in custom Jason Wu.

Salma Hayek in McQueen. Her husband owns fifty percent of the company, duh.

 SJP in Alexander McQueen F/W 2005.
Honey, if you smolder at us any more you’ll implode..

The Best:

Ashley Greene wearing Donna Karan. 
Simply regal. 
Looking regal a few days after a fucking Royal Wedding is saying something. 
Where YOU at Joe Jonas?
The Worst:

Beyonce is wearing Emilio Pucci.
But she looks like she is some kind of Mariachi Band Dominatrix
Her nipples could whip you and leave welts at any second. Ole. 

Fergie is Paranoid Schizophrenic due to years of meth use in her youth. 
Look at her face.
She is wearing Marchesa.
Look at her face.
The dress might look good on someone with a fairer complexion, but on her it looks like a bridal gown in need of some clorox bleach.
Look at her face. 

Okay, I’ve gotta go to my day job now and try not to sleep into a deep depression while doing so.
Insert shit eating grin here.


Lindsay say it ain’t so!

Lindsay Lohan went bar hopping last night with her friend Samantha Swetra. Not only did Linz put herself in a situation that is NOT good for someone working on their sobriety, but Samantha Swetra got into a fight with Paz de la Huerta. They went to Rose Bar at the Gramercie Hotel, and then The Cabin Down Below in the East Village.

Lindsay, you’re looking so much healthier!


But it wasn’t too long ago that you looked like this!


Don’t mess it up!

Also. Kamofie and Company (the jeweler who is cashing in on Lindsay’s demise) has pulled ANOTHER stunt to exploit this entire situation surrounding Lindsay’s alleged necklace heist. They started a website dedicated to showing people the surveillance video of Lindsay “stealing” the necklace. But you have to pay 2.99 EVERY time you log on. So. Disgusting. Not only have they already tried to get someone to buy the fucking movie rights for this whole fiasco, but now they’re pulling this. I have been saying this was nothing but a publicity stunt since the very beginning! I was right. Lindsay better be¬†acquitted.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


JBiebs does it all.

Justin Bieber has hit every single aspect of the entertainment industry thus far, and he is extending the reach of his pubescent empire to the big screen.

You may be saying, “But wait Zach, didn’t he already have a documentary on the big screen?”

Yes you idiots, I know he did. Pedophile’s Dream “Never Say Never 3D” was a big hit. But this time around, he won’t be playing himself. So it’s a real big screen picture, not a straight to DVD wannabe.

He’s rumored to be joining in Ashton Kutcher’s new movie “What Would Kenny Do” where Kutcher plays a man who visits his teenage self (played by the Biebs) via Hologram to give him advice.


"Oh SHIT, is that what I'm gonna look like when my balls drop?!"



Meh, sounds like a typical Ashton movie. With a dash of Zac Efron in Seventeen Again. Maybe I spoke to soon about it not being a “straight to DVD wannabe…”

None the less, it will be a blockbuster. Everything Justin Bieber touches turns to gold.

New Bravo Shows!


Bravo has released a list of 11 new seriess they have picked up, and 5 returning original shows! Guess who is going to tell you about them?! ME ME ME!

Well, I’m going to tell you about the ones I am excited about anyways. You can read the full list, here.

“Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis”

Jeff Lewis, Zoila, and Jenni Pulos are back and better than ever in this new series spin off from “Flipping Out.” This time they move in with people. Flip their houses and change their personal lives. Juicy juice juice!

“Its a Brad Brad World” (working title)

BRAD GORESKI HAS HIS OWN SHOW! Squeee! It is a docu-series following his business ventures since his step down as Rachel Zoe’s assistant. I CAN NOT WAIT for this one.

“Ready to Wear” (working title)

This series follows the day to day life of four eccentric employees at the High End NYC consignment shop “Second Time Around.” The shop “makes dreams come true for shoppers looking for designer fashions on a budget.” It follows the employees looking through attics and garage sales for the best fashion finds in the city. I also am having a gaygasm for this one.

“Mad Fashion”

This series “presents an up-close look at the over-the-top world of celebrity fashion designer Chris March. From concept to delivery, each episode follows March, the former Project Runway alum, and his eccentric crew of fashion misfits as they create one-of-a-kind designs for his loyal clientele.” This one is going to be good too! Bravo has outdone themselves.

These are the shows I am on the edge of my seat waiting for, but there is a whole slew of other shows listed in their press release.

Check out all of the shows in more detail for yourself.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


A drunk (maybe) muggle.

Darren Criss performed Teenage Dream, among other things at Perez Hilton’s “Blue Ball” 33rd birthday celebration on Saturday night.

Rumors have been swirling that our favorite muggle who plays a homo on Glee was a little tipsy. And by a little tipsy, I mean drunk.

Exhibit gAy:

Exhibit B:


Whether or not he is drunk, one things is glaringly obvious:

He is so¬†straight. I mean come on, being straight and singing songs from “The Little Mermaid” go together like being gay and quail hunting. Ya know?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Court Chronicles: LiLo

Lindsay not Lohan finally caught a break with the one of her court cases.

The Riverside County DA has decided that there is an insufficient amount of evidence against Lindsay to prosecute her on the charges of Criminal Battery. Which is true.





Plus, she was in rehab coming down off a crack addiction. I would certainly hope a little short tempered outbursts are expected. She is a ginger. But not a Lohan. They’re fucking crazy anyways.

Don’t forget about the OTHER criminal charges she’s facing right now.

You can criticize Lindsay all you want, but I think we can all agree on one point.


(Yes, again. I'm obsessed with her shoes!)


She is the most stylist criminal to EVER exist.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,