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Cincinnati Fashion Week

DAAPworks 2011: Fashion Show

Well hello there Childrenz, remember me?
How about now? Any guesses?
It’s me, Ryan!

I’m taking over for Zach tonight because A, he is out of town on fa-cation this week, and B, he was sick for the DAAP Fashion show…and there’s a hella ton of kick ass designers we MUST feature. He’ll be posting later this week, though, dont worry.

(If you didn’t know, the college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati held their annual “DAAPworks” showcase this week, featuring the senior capstone projects from all disciplines in the college. It officially ended today, with the fashion show serving as the finale.)

Don’t forget, DAAP is where Fagazine Fave Lindsey Lusignolo graduated from!

Seriously though. The show last night was the hoppenist event I’ve attended recently. It reminded me a lot of Cincinnati Fashion Week actually, and I even got to see one of our fave models, Taylor Thompson!

It seemed like she literally walked for almost every designer. Which is good. I like her.

I’m saving all the good stuff for later posts when all my pictures are organized… It takes a while to sort through 30+ collections worth of photos you know! And it looks like I’ll probably be featuring them all … they were that damn good.

But for now, enjoy my favorite looks of the night!

(I’ll label them with their designer so you can get a head start on buying the clothes! You’ll want to snatch ’em up before they’re gone.)
Note: as of writing, the site doesn’t seem to be working. But have no fear, I’m sure it’ll be fixed asap.

All photos by Ryan Seminara

Alyssa Work

Lacey Voss
Junior Class: Tailoring Showcase
Joanna Tidwell, Elise Radomski
Alisha Benchley
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Rachael Droll Davis
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Laura Mollander
Cara Brown
Jenny Davis
This is all I’m showing from this collection because I don’t want to spoil the rest. But seriously, you’ll thank me later.
Christine Devitt
Gabrielle Barbu
and some cayute little shots from the finale…

Till next time, Fagazine Faithfuls, Ryan is the new Black Zach.

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: The Attendees

 I’ve shown you so many designers, now I want to show you all who attended Cincinnati Fashion Week’s Finale show.

It was a family affair! Me, and my Aunt ( who worked with Lindsay Lusignolo) looking adorable.

One of the newscaster’s for Fox, Sara Celi (my new friend) and her friend were sitting right behind us.
I see sequins and a gold chain necklace in the same picture! I already miss CFW.

All of Lindsay’s former coworkers, they were so excited!

Sarah Celi with Amy Scalia, Editor-In-Chief of Cincy Chic. Clearly, I was in good company in the press section of the venue.

Another adorable picture of me and my bestie (who just moved to ATL) Teren Posey
Melissa Scalia was the host for the evening, and she happens to be wearing a gorgeous gown provided by the  beautiful lady she is taking a photograph with! Ashley Burnside, owner of Fetish Boutique.

Melissa, and the man behind the magic, Nathan Hurst. I hope he is enjoying some much deserved time off! This week was so extravagant!

Me and one of my new favorite people, Vivian Moore. Vice President of Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa. 
Words can not describe the level her vision, and her talent with hair took Saturday Night’s show to. 
Finally, the ever glowing Adhrucia Apana wearing a creation by Amy Kirchen. How am I supposed to resist using a look with a plunging neckline, sequins, AND shoulder pads as my closer? It can’t be done. 
Sorry this post wasn’t sassy! I had so much fun this week, I couldn’t be sarcastic towards the people who made it that way (again)!

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Lindsey Lusignolo

Zach is in black, Ryan is in blue.

 What a perfect opener.Its volume makes it such a statement piece, yet it is still totally figure flattering because the sheer tulle allows you to see the fitted underdress. Clothes like this that are fashionably showy, a little avant garde and yet completely practical are what every woman needs to stuff her closet with.
If Black Swan had ended with Natalie Portman mixing her crazy dual personality issues into one lesbian-kick ass-dancer-swan, this is what she would wear. And isn’t that the perfect criteria for you to want this for an evening out?

 Semi fitted bodice, charmeuse fabric. You get a little hit of sparkle from the front…
The lights go down as the Drag Show is starting…

 …and then BAM. She knocks you out with a metallic applique.The back of this dress is the most spectacular I have ever seen.
…and then BAM. She bursts into the song Toxic by Britney Spears, sending you into the highest heavens of gay club euphoria.

Dress with a fitted bodice and a three tiered skirt.
Lindsey is amazing at taking a basic concept that you’ve seen before and amplifying it in a way that makes you say, “Holy shitballs, my gay bff is going to litchrally RZ die over that dress. I need it right now.” The layering of the grey tulle under the black is adds so much drama I’m calling this dress “The Thespian.”

 It is clear that Lindsey designs her clothes from a 360 degree perspective. She leaves no lumps, bumps or rumps unconsidered.

 Black skirt with a sheer chiffon overlay, a little boxy, but still very interesting. Proportion of the little top to the long skirt add just the right amount of interest to this achromatic look. Loved the draped neckline.
Chanel would have given her left tit to wear that silhouette. So chic. I also am obsessing over the draped neckline.

The tailoring of the bodice is cohesive with the rest of the collection because of the draped fabric around the hips which sits right on the ostrich feathers.
This is the most visually compelling LBD in the last ten years. I wonder when Nicole Scherzinger and her legs will get their hands on this one.

 Twisting in bottom of the skirt. Jersey can help flaunt the best of bodies and can be completely body hugging, but the asymmetrical drape and the criss crossing and twisting of the fabric is just the distraction a body consicious wearer might need to pull off this look.
I wish we had video, because the way the skirt moved when going down the runway was so gorgeous.

 Beautifully draped with a fishtail hem and extended train. The more rigid satin material is on the outside, and the flowy chiffon is on the inside.

 Gathered neckline, Mermaid dress + fishtail hem >>this is something I’ve never seen before.
This is another look that Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is rolling over in her grave about right now. I love how this dress is classy and daring at the same time. From the knee up, you’re a classy elite, from there down you’re a fashion force to be reckoned with.

 I am officially hooked on ostrich feathers. OFFICIALLY EFFING HOOKED. Favorite minidress of the night.

Asymmetrical hem with a dropped waistline.
I adore the color of this dress, and the fabric twisting throughout this collection is so interesting, making the already innovative dresses even more captivating.

Delicious. Delicious. Delicious.

 What is there to say about this dress that hasn’t already been said. This dress is gorgeous, and I am still obsessed with the fabric twisting.

My Favorite Dress of the Entire Fashion Finale:

 Simple vs. Chaotic.

Beautiful, I don’t know what else to say.
Don’t worry, I always have something to say. Going along with what Ryan hinted at above; this dress was simply breath taking on the runway. And my favorite part of it is how it brings (what we think) is the theme of the entire collection to the forefront. Fusing simplicity and chaos into one garment. The front of the gown is so classic, and the back is extremely complex. 

The gown is actually a wedding dress, and I love that the simplicity and chaos theme goes so well with a bridal experience. The bride is walking down the isle, and the first thing you see is her angelic front side, and how serene she looks. But when she walks past you, the incredibly explosive train is exposed. It’s like a portrait of a wedding. What you see is the perfect outcome, not all the madness that led up to it. 

I think this is the perfect time for me to mention that it is complete and utter bullshit that I don’t have the right to get married. 

Lindsey Lusignolo is such an intelligent designer, structurally and creatively and that shined through in this collection. 

Zach and Ryan.

CFW After Party @ The Weston Art Gallery

Ryan and I decided to give you dual commentary for this post. It worked out well. 
It’s kind of like reading a dialogue, like the ones going on inside Courtney Love’s head. 

Zach is in blue. Ryan is in black.

 Bathing in maribou feathers? Glamorous. I told her if I saw her vagina I would sue. She assured me she had panties on. I’ll never stop being afraid of the vag├Čn. 

 6 Vodka Cranberries + 18 Donuts = Drew is still as drunk as he was before the 18 donuts. 

She was wearing lace leggings with her ass hanging out, and silver stripper boots Christian Louboutin’s AND she invited me to her closet to see the rest of her collection. Don’t get any ideas lady, I’ve been out of the closet for a long time, and I DON’T plan on going back to Narnia any time soon. 

A cage dancer behind a wall of mirrors. Creepy. Mysterious.
I found Roman Polanski’s illegitimate son. 

 Zach and our new best friend, Emily Dannemiller, of Foundry M.
Emily made that dress, and her ear rings are vintage swarovski crystals, she was a hit at the gay club.

This is exhibitionism. She refused to give me that feather for my hair. 

Designer Amy Kirchen wearing one of her own creations, while standing with her friend who is also wearing one of her creations. They’re both so adorable! They look like Tinkerbell’s best friends! 

 Melissa Scalia in a killer jumpsuit she picked up from Fetish Boutique, and her brother, Pete Scalia, of Dapper Man.

Its Rihanna and her backup dancers! Where are their umbrella ella ellas?

 It’s the Jaunting Kerr’s and company! You should read their travel blog, its fabulous.

 This is nightlife.
I spy a woman who is not near drunk enough.

Finally, the glitter you’ve all been waiting for. Um hello, didn’t you see the Amy Kirchen picture glitter has been delivered? She’s painting glitter onto everyone who wants it. And who wouldn’t? I didn’t want any. It clashed with my shirt. Look at her tattoo. Clearly she knows whats up. No, she looks like a voodoo sorceress. 

So chiggidy check out the Weston Art Gallery, featuring the artists whose art I didnt even photograph, woops.
I guess we’ll have to make up for it in our good looks. We’re so humble.

Zach and Ryan.

Cincinnati Fashion Week: Cala Ossidiana

Cala Ossidiana is the designer I don’t have much to say about. The swimwear was sexy and gorgeous, but swimwear is not my area of expertise. There isn’t much clothing involved, and clothing is my crack. I do however, know that the colors of each swimsuit matched the models skin perfectly.
Warning: These pictures will make you put down your cookie and watch Gossip Girl on the treadmill.
Their bodies are sick.


Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Avni Trivedi

I thought about saying all of this myself, and then thought: Well damn, the folks at CFW did a pretty amazing job, so why not let them do the talking?

“Avni focuses on offering fashion collections that are environmentally responsible and support the centuries-old artisan cottage fabric-making industry in India. All Avni designs are crafted from fabrics that are commissioned exclusively by Avni. These fabrics are hand-made, utilizing customs that are hundreds of years old and uphold the tradition and history of Indias celebrated artisans. By requisitioning these fabrics, Avni not only helps maintain economic stability for artists, but also helps keep these ancient arts alive. All fabrics are 100% hand-dyed and woven by individual artists. The dyes used in Avni creations are chemically free, using herbs and plants to create colors. Avni’s naturally dyed fabrics are created by urban artisans from Mumbai, who use their talents to create the environmentally friendly fabrics.” –CFW

Also, it was a perfect time to tell you to go read Nathan Hurst’s blog, the Founder of Cincinnati Fashion Week. 

Photos by Ryan Seminara.
I’ll probably be saying this a lot in this post, but Avni is a pro at taking traditional Indian garments, and putting a modern spin on it. For example, this top has a shape hugging blouse with a gentle overlay, sexy while still incorporating the Indian traditions.

I can’t fathom the time it took for that garment’s fabric to be hand made in Mumbai. But they’re about to get more impressive. 

I love the thick, rigid fabric of the jacket with the light scarf on top. It’s the same contrast the rest of the collection holds 

I LOVE those pants. The way they’re all scrunched up is so cute! They’re a new take on the harem pant.

I swear I didn’t do anything to terrify that model. Besides, she’s got great legs, high heels, and even higher shoulder pads. She is invincible.

Yet another fabulous character put on by Jessica Cornetet to match the designers aesthetic. I absolutely love that the jacket has strings to tie it closed.

The separated collar on these two looks makes the model instantly more muscular. If you have broad shoulders to begin with, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this look because it will just emphasize them.

The snood collar on this sleeveless number is something I have not seen before. But I dig it. Does the snood double as a hood? It’s worth investigating. You never know when a fashionable woman needs to go incognito.

The pleating on the front of this look is a definite attention getter. Which I totally respect. But I will never go to the same party as a woman wearing that top. She’ll get more attention than me.

Once again, let me remind you that the fabric is hand effing made. Spectacular.

This dress is my favorite in the entire collection. It highlights the best part of a woman, her midrift, and is very forgiving for the rest of her body, the structure with the soft fabric draped over top is to die. 

How gorgeous is that train?? I must say, so to die, I’m deceased.

Another gorgeous pattern, another flattering dress. This collection was certainly made with the confidence of a woman in mind. 


Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Johnathan Mezibov

Finally, a menswear designer who designs with equal parts of trend and tailoring in mind.

Jonathan Mezibov‘s collection is full of shirts that were perfectly fitted to each model, he has a very classy aesthetic to his design and it is right up my alley.

I bet you all are just going to hate looking at all the male models wearing the clothes. Sorry, please stick with me.
Photos by Ryan Seminara

I happen to know this model (Dylan) through mutual friends, and he has a really interesting tumblr. Read.

These are by far the best pair of cowboy boots I have ever seen, and I want them very badly.

I love the belt buckles and the boots catering to the western theme, and the bold purples to contrast. 

Do you think Clint Eastwood would wear this? Get it? Eh? It’s funny because of the western influence. 
But not that funny. 

I love that shirt. You could wear it with a sport coat to a semi-formal event, or roll the sleeves up like here if you’re going to a cook-out. 

Another pair of boots from this collection I’m insisting on adding to my closet. Are you guys taking notes? My birthday is in 177 days!

I love the bandanas on the wrist, it adds a little flavor to the typical menswear pattern. 

Those jeans are tailored to fit him perfectly. I need to go shopping. 

Since it’s hard to criticize the same basic look over and over again, I think its time to mention that Jaguar and Land Rover of Cincinnati were wonderful sponsors to Cincinnati Fashion Week, and you should visit their website and say thanks! Or buy one of their cars. 

We should play a drinking game, take a shot every time the model looks directly into the camera lens!

Sir, are you bored? Because I will gladly take those boots off your hands and you can go home. 

You probably can’t tell in this picture, but that is a tuxedo shirt, and I love it. I still can’t get over how perfectly that fits him. 

Oh Dylan, (that’s the name of his blog) can you please steal those boots for me? Great. Thanks.


Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Amy Kirchen

Amy Kirchen‘s collection was full of classic feminine silhouettes, (with the exception of the swim wear, but I mean.) as a gay who favors sartorial freedom I love women who wear menswear. These dainty, sexy silhouettes were a nice change of pace. 
Photos by Ryan Seminara

Such an adorable pattern on that blouse, and I love the high waisted skirt.

This model has THE LONGEST legs I have ever seen in my entire life, and that jump suit showcases them beautifully.
The hair for each of these looks matched the clothing perfectly. The ladies of Mitchells Salon and Day Spa, and Pump Salon did a phenomenal job.

That necklace is so gorgeous, we couldn’t get a close up shot. So take my word for it. I called this look, “bombshell blue” in my notes. She looks sexy, and she knows. Have you ever seen a better example of a sex eye? (Kim Kardashian’s signature magazine cover poses excluded.)

I love rompers. But so many of them from Forever 21 have turned into booty shorts with halters attached. 
This one is perfect. Rompers are supposed to be sexy and classy. 

I love this top because the pattern is so busy, it can take away from any imperfections you feel your body has (not that my readers have any), and it’s constructed in a flattering way. So you get an automatic hourglass figure. 

I am deceased over that camel skirt, but I have a question. Why didn’t anyone tell me Sigourney Weaver’s daughter was walking in the show?!

Dear model, your smolder is duly noted, and it is deliciously sexified. But, you’re wearing a gorgeous dress and perfectly tailored jacket which both go perfectly with your skin tone. Don’t you like smiling and sunshine?

Another classic feminine silhouette. That belt is so detailed and interesting, it would enhance any outfit. 

I love that print so much! Another one of my favorite parts of this collection is that most of the skirts, and dresses have pockets. Utility + Fashion, just like Hannah Montana we’ve got the best of both worlds.


Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Laura Dawson

The first show of the evening was one that didn’t disappoint.

Laura Dawson‘s collection was fairly structural, and had a lot of basics necessary for any stylish woman’s wardrobe. But, she refined them with little twists in the details of each garment.
Photos by Ryan Seminara

The exposed zipper on this seemingly normal overcoat takes the look from “Carmen Sandiego chic” to “Catherine Zeta Jones walking through the rain to a business meeting chic”.

Knit leggings made several appearances in Laura’s collection, and they were possibly my favorite part. Like the rest of the collection, its a classic look with a modern twist. That chunky knit sweater has an almost distressed look to it which is a welcome contrast to the rest of the collections structure.

You can barely tell in this picture, but my favorite part about that gorgeous maroon coat is that it has a hood.

This dress is the perfect length to transition from work, to play. The sleeves are deliciously feminine as well.

The structure that the fabric gives this dress is gorgeous.

I’ve never seen a sequin skirt that I’ve didn’t like. This is no exception to the rule. 

This low cut jumpsuit is gorgeous. I love the cardigan on top, and even though this isn’t a look every body type can pull off, it elongates those who can. 

This jacket is perfectly cut, and even though the asymmetrical zipper is a modern design in itself, the pink accents (which also appear throughout the collection) are even more unique. 

That sweater is my favorite garment in the whole collection, the triangle design in the middle is captivating on the runway. 

Once again, the pink accents and the cut on this coat make all the difference in the world. 

Another perfect outfit for going from day to night, a little eye shadow and you’re in business.

We could ignore it, but lets talk about the elephant in the room. Her bra is playing peekaboo. 
But she’s owning it. 

I am thoroughly convinced that those knit leggings have the ability to flatter any woman’s legs. Those are an investment that need to be made. 

This outfit is so “Mimosas with friends in the Hamptons chic”.

Sequins “for days.”


The Beginning of the End.

Last night was the Finale of Cincinnati Fashion Week 2011.

It’s 5:00am and I haven’t slept yet. But I fucking love you guys, so I’m making the inaugural post right now. Ryan and I just sifted through 1200+ photos. There were ten designers in the show tonight, so I am going to make multiple posts to cover it all.

Let’s do this.

Photos by Ryan Seminara

The calm before the hair storm started. Organization is key.

It’s five in the morning, so my first reaction to this involves a hair condom. Then I realized I have to be mature, and call it a wig cap.

Please look at the tattoo right behind her ear. Then look at how gorgeous the model’s lip are.

One of my favorite people in Cincinnati. Amy Elisabeth is a glorious photographer, “like” her on Facebook. 

Seriously, do it. If you don’t I won’t be friends with you, and I’m a really good friend.

Something about watching models get makeup put on is so serene. 

You didn’t know there was going to be a fashion show behind the stage too, did you? Look at that bold lip.
The beginning of the model metamorphosis:

See? Serenity.

The sunglasses from my logo have gone up, its showtime. 

I will be publishing the rest of the posts as fast as my little computer can bare throughout the day, and likely finish up tomorrow. 
Tonight however, you really should come see me at the MusicNow Festival at Music Hall. The National is playing, and they’re amazeballs.