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The Glitterati are Preparing

Fashion Week is on the horizon, and the nippy air was just right today to help me get in the mood. Prepare yourselves for a flurry of runway pictures as soon as I can get my little hands on them.

Also, there are only three days left until Cincinnati’s FNO! Make sure you RSVP here!

I’ll leave you with two of my very favorite collections for F/W 2011


Proenza Schouler

Drama? Yep, I’m all over it.



Claire Stegman: Richest Little Girl in the World

Claire Stegman
“Richest Little Girl in the World”

“My collection was inspired by Doris Duke, a 13 year old tobacco heiress from the 1930’s. My garments were created for a young woman who embraces her femininity, elegance and poise, a modern day Doris. The collection centers around youthful silhouettes created from rich fabrics.” -Claire Stegman

This photo shoot features fashion from designer Claire Stegman, a recent graduate from University of Cincinnati’s college of DAAP. She’s one of the newest designers whose clothes look like they could be seen walking down the runways of New York and whose editorials look like they could be seen from the pages of VOGUE. This shoot is a fine example of the culmination of myriad of incredibly talented people: Hair by Tim Ferrier, Makeup by Erica Stewart and Jewelry by Maggie Smith of Velvet Antler. These stunning photographs were taken by Rachel Schwartz, modeled by Fagazine Fav Model Taylor Thompson of Wilhelmina Models, Courtney Meyers of Wings Model Management (who was recently seen as the face of Cincinnati Fashion Week), and stunning blonde bombshell Leah Cultice, also of Wings.

For more information on Claire Stegman and the design and creation of her senior line, check out her blog: Through the Eyes of Doris, and for business inquiries or to purchase any of the looks you see featured, email Claire here.

Make-up: Erica Stewart
Hair: Tim Ferrier
Photography: Rachel Schwarz
Jewelry: Velvet Antler by Maggie Smith
Models: Taylor Thompson, Wilhelmina; Courtney Myers, Wings; Leah Cultice

Final Friday with a Bow Tie Chaser.

Friday Night, The Fagazine hit Cincinnati, and we hit her hard.

First, we went to Final Friday in Over-The-Rhine, and I brought a gangload of people with me to show them how much fun it is. As per usual, they told me I was right.

The highlight of the pop shop this week was definitely the Fancy Pack, clicky clicky.

Iris Cafe on Main Street in OTR gave Kenneth Wright and myself quite the Album Fever.

IF you haven’t been, get your ass to Iris Cafe just to see that gorgeous courtyard in person!

Street Style Blitz! Ready, GO!

Then, we hit Karaoke Night with Dhani Jones at the Bow Tie Cafe.

Well, maybe he hit me…

The performances all night were strong, there was no one in the house who was less than completely entertained.

My friends Sara Dittrich and Jacob Bogart performing “Ice Ice Baby.”

Jake then proceeded to bring the house down with his rendition of “99 Problems” by Jay-Z.
Not too much later, D’Andre Shirley performed “My Neck, My Back.” Too. Much. To. Handle.

The Groove Thang:

You have to forgive them, this was their first time venturing out with The Fagazine, they didn’t know that the party never stops.
Everybody look! It’s Style Edit!

Marsha, always poised and perfect.


I only roll with the best, and this is it.

If you aren’t a fan of The Bow Tie Cafe on Facebook yet, how will you know about the next Karaoke Night? Get your shit together and click that link.

Ta for now.


Dapper Dylan

Today, The Fagazine was thrown an opportunity to put together a photoshoot in two hours. I think we did a pretty good job. Having access to an Oscar de la Renta tuxedo, a Lanvin bow tie, and the always stunning Dylan Notestine didn’t hurt. But I’m still pretty proud of how everything turned out. The Fagazine posse met my bestie Heidi Palmer to tiggidy take some photos in the rain, in the park. She knocked it out of the park as usual, incorporating both film and digital images. The camera loves Dylan, and so do we. Expect to see more of him in the future!
ALL images courtesy of Heidi Palmer Photography.
Digital Photographs:

Film Photographs:

(My favorite.)
To see the full shoot, (these are only my absolute favorites) go to Heidi Palmer Photography’s Flickr.
To confirm your belief that Dylan is as interesting in person as he is behind the camera, check Oh Dylan.

DAAPworks Fashion Show 2011: Ester Farr

Ester Farr
“The High Life”

Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood and the iconic actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Rita Hayworth, my collection echoes the timeless silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and the feminine emotion of the 1940’s. Silk, a simple and classic fabric has been hand painted and beaded to enhance the classic cut and drape. Alpaca wool adds a touch of richness and lends structure yet remains soft to compliment the rest of the collection. Nostalgic faded blues mauves and vintage gold brighten up neutrals and enliven the collection giving the modern day woman the opportunity to experience the style and delicacy of the glamour era.” -Ester Farr


DAAPworks Fashion Show 2011: Alyssa Work

Alyssa Work 
“My grandmother lived her life with two renowned passions: her garden and fashion. This collection is about me, a young lady who is coming of age and carrying on the admiration for fashion and florals after her grandmother has passed away. By harmonizing the luscious blooms of her grandmother’s garden with the illustrations left behind from her grandmother’s portfolio, a collection is fashioned that reflects both adorations. The young lady keeps the gardens thriving and creates the gowns her grandmother never made. By taking various details and silhouettes from her grandmother’s illustrations, and incorporating blooms, petals and textures, a collection is created that is nostalgic, feminine, and floral.” -Alyssa Work

DAAPworks 2011: Fashion Show

Well hello there Childrenz, remember me?
How about now? Any guesses?
It’s me, Ryan!

I’m taking over for Zach tonight because A, he is out of town on fa-cation this week, and B, he was sick for the DAAP Fashion show…and there’s a hella ton of kick ass designers we MUST feature. He’ll be posting later this week, though, dont worry.

(If you didn’t know, the college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati held their annual “DAAPworks” showcase this week, featuring the senior capstone projects from all disciplines in the college. It officially ended today, with the fashion show serving as the finale.)

Don’t forget, DAAP is where Fagazine Fave Lindsey Lusignolo graduated from!

Seriously though. The show last night was the hoppenist event I’ve attended recently. It reminded me a lot of Cincinnati Fashion Week actually, and I even got to see one of our fave models, Taylor Thompson!

It seemed like she literally walked for almost every designer. Which is good. I like her.

I’m saving all the good stuff for later posts when all my pictures are organized… It takes a while to sort through 30+ collections worth of photos you know! And it looks like I’ll probably be featuring them all … they were that damn good.

But for now, enjoy my favorite looks of the night!

(I’ll label them with their designer so you can get a head start on buying the clothes! You’ll want to snatch ’em up before they’re gone.)
Note: as of writing, the site doesn’t seem to be working. But have no fear, I’m sure it’ll be fixed asap.

All photos by Ryan Seminara

Alyssa Work

Lacey Voss
Junior Class: Tailoring Showcase
Joanna Tidwell, Elise Radomski
Alisha Benchley
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Rachael Droll Davis
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Laura Mollander
Cara Brown
Jenny Davis
This is all I’m showing from this collection because I don’t want to spoil the rest. But seriously, you’ll thank me later.
Christine Devitt
Gabrielle Barbu
and some cayute little shots from the finale…

Till next time, Fagazine Faithfuls, Ryan is the new Black Zach.

A Bow Tie Affair

Friday night, I made a trip down to Mt. Adams to celebrate two of my very favorite things in life.

Bow Ties, and Karaoke.

Peter Frey was the mastermind behind the event, and everything went off without a hitch. Everyone took part in the Karaoke madness, but the real star was Dhani Jones himself, owner of Bow Tie Cafe.

That’s me and one of my new besties Sara Celi from Fox 19 News. There is a plethora of beautiful pictures on Amy Elisabeth’s Facebook page. Including pictures of me making a fool of myself on stage. Check it out!

There is even more coverage of the Friday’s Karaoke Night on iSPYCINCY, which also has a picture of me, further proving how much I don’t take myself seriously.

Also on iSPYCINCY is an article on Myself, and the rest of The Fagazine team. They are much too kind, and that picture of Ryan and me is hilarious. Thanks for taking it Style Edit!

More events to come this weekend, more opportunities for me to look like a moron in public.


Fagazine Sneak-Peak: Queen City

Fagazine Fanatics, our dreams have come true!

Reality TV has hit Cincinnati, and its hitting us with its best.

Queen City is an exciting new reality show following the lives of four women living in Cincinnati, and will be airing on Fox 19.

More details later.

So be on your best behavior, or I won’t tell you a damn thing.
Just kidding, I will. If I kept things from you, this would be the dumbest blog ever created.



The Curtain Went Up, Glamour.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Saturday night, The Fagazine attended the “Curtain Up!” party to celebrate the kick-off to the Cincinnati Opera season. The event had a Bollywood theme, and while I couldn’t find my turban, that didn’t stop the rest of the guests from getting out their best Sari’s.

The Venue was gorgeous:

The attendees weren’t too shiggidy shabby either:

Hey! That’s Lindsey Lusignolo and Tracey Lynn Conrad! I love me some o’ them.

Lookie lookie sookie sookie! It’s me (seemingly suffering of rosatia, nay. I was just hot) and my bestie from Project Mill, Kenneth Wright!

I love a good sari moment.

It’s Micah Paladino from PB&J PR and his lovely date for the evening! ( Congratulations on 2 successful years in business PB&J!)

That fine thing wrapped in a sari on the right is Candice Klein, founder of Bad Girl Ventures. Love her!

Ya know, just taking a pause from jamming on the dance floor to be on The Fagazine.

The performances were breathtaking:

The night was gorgeous, and so much fun. I can’t wait for my next Cincinnati Opera Event!

All photos by Sara Dittrich.