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Designer of the Month

Designer of the Month

The designer of the month for The end of April/May, is one lady who probably likes a little tea with her scones.

Jenny Packham
S/S 2011

Jenny is a favorite Red Carpet stunner for Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, and Dianna Agron.

But is it any wonder why? Her designs are so effortlessly glamorous, I am about to use a word that I detest so much, I might have to throw my computer away after I type it. Every gorgeous, and undoubtedly illiterate fashionista will describe this collection as ethereal. They would be right.

Say goodbye to the dark designs of The Row.

And say hello to the deliciously feminine silhouettes of Jenny Packham.

Here are my favorites from the collection:

All the fabrics and movement in these looks are breath taking. But this last look is everything.
It is a dress plucked from the hands of the fashion gods.



Designer of the Month Adjacent.

I just finished my post about my absolute favorite Designers ever.
But then I says to myself;

“Gee, I wonder if my constituents wanna see their other collection?”

The answer was yes. Cause I know all of you better than you know yourselves.
I’m Santa Clause.

Elizabeth & James
F/W 2011

These are my top picks from the collection.
But I took the liberty of making note of the ones that really stood out like Perez Hilton a toddler.

This is a much more watered down version of The Row, but its a lot more accessible.
Plus, you’d still stand out in the crown wearing the pieces I’ve scribbled on.


Designer of the Month

I am going to make a compilation of pictures of looks by a new designer or fashion house each month and set it as the background on the blog.
This month I decided to go with the Olsen twin’s collection.
The Row
F/W 2011

This is another version of the compilation I set as the background on the site:
My favorite looks from the season’s collection;
Giant tube socks, a full leopard print coat, a loafer moment, and a fur stole on her head? I’m in love.

So impractical. So perfect.

I love the menswear in this collection mixed with all the fur, and the vintage esque women’s wear.

If i saw this outfit walking down the street I would stop dead in my tracks and say:
“Hi, would you and your alligator gloves like to be my best friend?”

Leopard loafers and colored fur coat. Please and thanks.

Wide legged tuxedo and a sequin tie means The Row was my favorite F/W 2011 collection.

She’s wearing a cape with loafers. Did you notice?
Did you have a gaygasm?
I did.