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Delicious Dudes in Designer Duds.

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. My internet decided to not work. All. Day. Long. I felt so cut off from the world.

I love clothes, and I love boys.

This is but a continuation of my segment, Fashionable Fella. I saw an opportunity to further the amount of alliteration in the post title, so I took it.

In any case, here are some fashionable slabs o’ meat.

David Beckham looks even better off the court than on.

Kellan Lutz and Jude Law should switch outfits. Kellan is the one making a career out of playing a vampire.
Matthew Morrison and Will Scheuster have become one.

Ryan Gosling has come a long way since Remember the Titans. Remaining just as adorable. But much more fashion forward. I’m thinking of remaking Remember the Titans, except the titans will be Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior. Like it? Dig it? Sounds time consuming. Someone else can do the work. I’ll slap my name on it.

K, well maybe I’ll post again later. Maybe I won’t. Its a crazy life I lead as a blogger.



New Bravo Shows!


Bravo has released a list of 11 new seriess they have picked up, and 5 returning original shows! Guess who is going to tell you about them?! ME ME ME!

Well, I’m going to tell you about the ones I am excited about anyways. You can read the full list, here.

“Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis”

Jeff Lewis, Zoila, and Jenni Pulos are back and better than ever in this new series spin off from “Flipping Out.” This time they move in with people. Flip their houses and change their personal lives. Juicy juice juice!

“Its a Brad Brad World” (working title)

BRAD GORESKI HAS HIS OWN SHOW! Squeee! It is a docu-series following his business ventures since his step down as Rachel Zoe’s assistant. I CAN NOT WAIT for this one.

“Ready to Wear” (working title)

This series follows the day to day life of four eccentric employees at the High End NYC consignment shop “Second Time Around.” The shop “makes dreams come true for shoppers looking for designer fashions on a budget.” It follows the employees looking through attics and garage sales for the best fashion finds in the city. I also am having a gaygasm for this one.

“Mad Fashion”

This series “presents an up-close look at the over-the-top world of celebrity fashion designer Chris March. From concept to delivery, each episode follows March, the former Project Runway alum, and his eccentric crew of fashion misfits as they create one-of-a-kind designs for his loyal clientele.” This one is going to be good too! Bravo has outdone themselves.

These are the shows I am on the edge of my seat waiting for, but there is a whole slew of other shows listed in their press release.

Check out all of the shows in more detail for yourself.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


A drunk (maybe) muggle.

Darren Criss performed Teenage Dream, among other things at Perez Hilton’s “Blue Ball” 33rd birthday celebration on Saturday night.

Rumors have been swirling that our favorite muggle who plays a homo on Glee was a little tipsy. And by a little tipsy, I mean drunk.

Exhibit gAy:

Exhibit B:


Whether or not he is drunk, one things is glaringly obvious:

He is so straight. I mean come on, being straight and singing songs from “The Little Mermaid” go together like being gay and quail hunting. Ya know?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


This is Me.

Oh hey, this is me. Zach

This is me again!

This is my alter ego, Pharique.

Ninety percent of the time, when a camera is pointed at me, I become possessed.

Who would you rather be friends with?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Fagazine Fotoshoot

Due to scheduling issues, the second photoshoot for womenswear has been postponed. But we got up very early and did a menswear shoot with my best gay Stephen.

First Look:

Suburban Torture

Fedora: H&M // Coat: Urban Outfitters // Skinny Jeans: Bull Head // Shoes: Nike // Tshirt: Old Navy; Cut to shit by Sam Baiera// Flanel: Vintage // Scarf: Vintage //

Are you feeling like a hipster for reading my blog yet? Just wait.

I mean, what a scene kid. But he owns it.


I see areola.

Wow. I never thought I would miss 1994.

“This is the only time I will ever be at a baseball field by my own will.”


Second Look:

Hipster at a Funeral.
(In a baseball field…?)

Blazer: H&M // Tshirt: Urban Outfitters // Scarf: Nordstrom // Skinny Jeans: Bull Head // Shoes: Nike

THAT is what you made her wear for eternity?!”

“I don’t care WHAT she said, gays don’t go to hell!”

“Okay, I’ve composed myself. Is it time for the wake yet? I’ll be fine after a cosmo.”

Stephen didn’t say any of these things. I’m just good at applying photographs to random scenarios.
Thanks for lookin.

As always, photos by Heidi.
Styled by yours truly, funded by Stephen.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Fashion; Fotographed.

There are so many Fashion Photog wannabes, and it is nice to come across someone who is bursting onto the scene with a velocity that we haven’t seen since the beginning of Patrick Demarchelier.


Nicholas Routzen is a Brooklyn based photographer who is as gorgeous in front of the camera as the pictures he takes.

Nicholas is originally from Ventura, California, and spent a year in LA before making the move to NYC. He new he couldn’t get the client el he needed to gain traction unless he made the move.

His photographs have a classic fashion, yet dynamic aesthetic that have earned him a list of clients ranging from Nike to designer Robert Geller (OBSESSED). He’s also had magazine spreads in Nylon, Seventeen, and Esquire.


Here are some of his photos so you can see why I am so obsessed.


Holy platform.

JBiebs? Is that you? JayKay. I ❤ lesbian.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


S/S 2011 Men’s Obsessions

There are three designers I am hooked on for this season.

Here they be:

Hugo Boss:

I love this whole look, but that red trench especially. It is such an attention getter. And everyone knows I can’t get enough of THAT.


Viktor & Rolf:

I NEED these shoes. And there is a little hinty hint of another one of the lewks that are going to be major this summa.

I also am falling hard for those grey oxfords in the left. (I already have a pair from 1907 that are almost identical.) And of course, the chino’s in the middle. They’re one of my favorite Spring/Summer pieces to have because they’re NEVER out of style.

I lurve everything about this look. Everything. But I couldn’t pull off the shorts. I’d rock the shit out of the rest though. *Get in my closet*

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m really into structure this season, this is a nice medium between that and relaxed.

(There are those fabulous shoes again!) The last thing I’m inFASHuated with (get it? not infatuated but infashuated, lol) from V&R is this leather jacket. So ferocious. Me thinks I will do a parallel universe post next week with affordable items just like the ones shown in all these pics!

I’ve saved the best for last:

Ermenegildo Zegna

Look at the stitching on that suit. It looks so light and comfy you could sleep in it, but that would never happen. Unless you passed out drunk at some formal event. In which case, you’re a cast member of Jersey Shore, so consider yourself formally banned from wearing E. Zegna.

Another cozy looking suit! But you sir, had me at ascot.
I think I’m in love.

I’ve obviously fixated on outlandishly colored trench’s. I’m also in toterly in love with this.

A white fedora, plaid jacket, and orange ascot?! Mr. Zegna, be mine.
Is it too late to mail one of those candy valentine hearts?

I love the deep cuffs on those pants, and the shoes. The model reminds me of an antelope.

Deep cuffs , lurve, same shoes, lurve, crazy printed shirt peeking out from under that flawlessly tailored jacket? You’re talking dirty to me Ermenegildo, stop it.



This post has clearly reached its climax.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Fashionable Fella: Brad Goreski

So many fashionista’s get put in the spotlight every day, but the A-List fashionisto’s are few and far between. So I am starting a segment where I will highlight my favorite fashionisto each week.


This week, we’re starting with one of my biggest celebrity crushes, Brad Goreski.

This preciously preppy stylist burst onto the fashion scene when he landed a gig as an assistant for Rachel Zoe, and was a starring role on her Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project. He endured working with a hellacious bitch named Taylor, and the ups and downs of Rachel and Roger’s peculiar relationship.


Then he realized he needed to get out there and try new things.

Things worked out because he brought a client or two from Rachel’s styling firm with him, then landed his biggest job ever styling for Kate Spade’s runway show during fashion week in February of this year.

Brad needs his own Bravo show, because he is just as charming and adorable as Rachel, he won’t have a crying baby running around, and he isn’t so skinny the viewer is terrified he will drop dead at any second.

But he is drop dead gorgeous.

And aside from all those reasons, anyone who can stroll down the street in a ferocious bright red Hugo Boss suit deserves their show.


Congrats on your success, and keep up the good work, gurl.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,