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Football Season: What to wear

Football season is here, and no matter how much we try and deny it, we’ll have to break down and go to one of the games, or at least a viewing party.

But never fear, your favorite gay has constructed the perfect outfit with which you can show your lack of team spirit! Just because you have to wear a jersey to one of the games, or some kind of team memorabilia, doesn’t give you the excuse the schlep something on the rest of your body. Fashion doesn’t look kindly on those who schlep.
There are two reasons to go to a football game: 1) You spent too much money last month, and promised your man you’d suffer through a football game with him to make up for it. 2) You don’t have a man, and you need to find one before the holiday parties roll through. This outfit is fitting for both. You’ll look hot, stay warm, and show team spirit. Ready?
Why the hell do I always ask if you’re ready before showing you something?
Don’t think I forgot about a bag to go with the outfit, darlings. You’ll need something large enough to fit a copy of Us Weekly, and Vogue because by the second quarter you’ll be ready to go get drunk. 
This second outfit is geared towards an evening out with a group of friends to watch the game. This situation is ideal, because the venue can be anywhere from casual to semi-formal (door #2 is the way to go, this allows you to flex your sartorial muscles) and there is no need to adorn yourself with horrid team color-schemes. Insert fashionable but evil victory guffaw here.
No need for anything huge in the bag department, you shouldn’t need anything but make-up for touch ups, your Blackberry, some form of money, and your ID. 
Alexander Wang Adriel ostrich effect leather clutch.

If by some cruel stroke of fate, you don’t get your way and end up going to some dive filled with drunk people in sweatshirts and mom jeans, I suggest this: Wear a predominantly black outfit with a touch of attitude. If nothing else, fashion is perfect for making a statement. For this scenario don’t bring a bag, it could get stolen.
If you have an event coming up and you don’t know what you should wear, e-mail me! I’m sure I’ve got some ideas in this head of mine. 
Until next time!

The waiting game.

As I wait on the edge of my seat for photos from the men’s shows today, I’ll share with you two photographs I’ve come across of celebrities who may not be looking their best.

That will make everybody feel better, right?

First of all, let me say I respect Chloe Sevigny for being such a shameless self-promoter. Every single thing on her body is Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. While yes, those shoes are utterly flawless there are two more things to be learned from this photograph. Chloe Sevigny does not photograph well when she’s drunk so I guess that means she never photographs well. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh NO he didn’t!” and to that I say, no I didn’t. Don’t you see that line through the text? That means I’m morally exempt from feeling guilty about the horrible things typed under said line. Also, she’s so drunk she missed the spot she was supposed to stand by 6 solid inches. Woopsie poopsie!

I don’t care how fabulous Audrina’s Chanel sunglasses are in this picture, I can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Either she has four boobs, or she has no clue how to wear a bra. #amirightladies?

That brings me to my next point: Instead of calling people shitheads, or other profane things when they do me wrong/say something stupid, I’m going to start calling them boobs. I may not have an affinity for the object, but that word sure is funny.

Have a good day, and remember: Don’t be a boob!


Clothing for thought.

Today, I wore a trench. Not just any trench, my navy blue waist length trench that has been begging to be let out of the closet since I bought it in May.

My point being, I was ready for this sudden dip in temperature because I am a compulsive shopper bought something in the off season. That’s really just the most wonderful thing, because chances are no one else will have it, (it is the off season after all) and it probably was on sale. My trench was, 70% OFF. This is no jest my friends.

Were you ready when your sundress and Cardigan weren’t enough this morning? To prepare you, I’ll suggest snagging some outfits similar to these to withstand your chilly morning commute.

 Isabel Marant July embellished cotton jacket + Tibi Silk-chiffon and thick weave dress + Miu Miu Bow-side wool-felt pumps.

While you walk to work you’ll definitely turn heads with that statement jacket, and when you’re ready to enter the boardroom, you’ve got a perfectly appropriate dress. But fear not, people will still be transfixed by your shoes.

For a more casual setting..

Balmain Wool-felt double-breasted military blazer + Simeon Farrar for Japan’s Kate Mouse T-Shirt
+ J Brand Bianca high-rise flared jean + Charlotte Olympia Martha In Stripes suede and leather wedges.

This outfit is perfect for going to grab drinks with a friend at a hole-in-the-wall bar, or going to a concert. Anything really, so long as the atmosphere is light, and the dress-code isn’t anywhere near formal. The jacket and jeans are definitely a classic vintage look, but by adding that graphic t-shirt (which also raises money for a great cause) you bring it up to this century and show your spunky side. The heels are pretty intense, but there is no occasion where Charlotte Olympia isn’t appropriate. And since when is it a bad thing to look better than everyone else in the room?

Well, I have to go shop some more prepare myself for FNO on Thursday!


The Glitterati are Preparing

Fashion Week is on the horizon, and the nippy air was just right today to help me get in the mood. Prepare yourselves for a flurry of runway pictures as soon as I can get my little hands on them.

Also, there are only three days left until Cincinnati’s FNO! Make sure you RSVP here!

I’ll leave you with two of my very favorite collections for F/W 2011


Proenza Schouler

Drama? Yep, I’m all over it.


Fashion Trend: Capes

Ladies, Gentleman, Drag Queens, Glitter Children, REJOICE! A new trend is emerging!

A short time ago, Kate Moss wore a Scarlet Red beaded Rodarte cloak to her wedding. I know, right? The duh-rama is unspeakable. I’ve always had an affinity for hot mess chic, and the drug paraphernalia Kate has hidden in that cloak is the epitome of HMC.

Fret not, the drama doesn’t stop there my friends. While Kate Moss was having her gorgeous albeit drug fueled wedding in the Bucolic English Countryside, Sarah Jessica Parker was plotting her revenge. She received no invite to the wedding, and she was not about to miss out on this cape action. (Kate Moss actually wore a custom made Pailette Beaded Coat by Rodarte, but for the purposes of this sarcastic post, it’s a cape, got it?) In fact, she decided to do Kate one better, and dispel those nasty “horse face” allegations once and for all.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Inner Dialogue: Take THAT Society!
My verbal dialogue with my computer screen: Oh my shit. 
(My computer didn’t have much to say, it can’t talk.)
SJP: Oh no I didn’t!
Me (and the rest of America): WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER TOES?? Oh. That’s the shoe.
This shoe, actually.
 Christian Louboutin Alex “Lion Paw” Pump. It brings new meaning to the phrase “pussy-footing around.”
HA! Okay bye!

Oh, the cape costume is Giambattista Valli Couture F/W 2011. I guess that’s relevant. 


If one more person says to me “Why would you want to go into fashion? It’s so shallow.” I’ll lose my mind.

I’m about to take y’all to church.
I am a creative person, I’ve always been one to outwardly express the way I’m feeling. Fashion is a way to do that without having to say anything. For others Fashion is a shield, wearing a blouse with a busy print might be a way for a woman to cover up an imperfection in her physique that’s particularly detrimental to her self confidence, a brightly colored pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels could be the perfect show stopper to help a business woman distract herself from her latest deposition. (I’m the king of run-on sentences, don’t worry about it.) Fashion transforms people, it provides a way for us to be our best selves, or to be someone else completely.

As for my wanting to work in the industry, my explanation is simple: Fashion is one of the most cut throat industries one can be a part of, and I happen to be a very strategic (and competitive) person. That, combined with the creative aspect of the clothing, merchandising, and style is a perfect recipe for my career. Sounds wonderful right? Well don’t get too excited, I haven’t even graduated college yet.

Does that satiate your insatiable desire to understand the fashion industry? Didn’t think so.

But I feel better. 

Hey! Don’t forget to RSVP to Cincinnati’s FNO on September 8th!

I can personally guarantee that if you show up impersonating either of the Olsen Twins you will be featured on this blog.

Get to it. 

It’s Friday

It’s Friday and Rebecca Black dropped out of high school last month, all is well.

I don’t know what the hell that has to do with anything we’re going to talk about, but aren’t you happy you know now?
Here’s my Favorite Fashion Fotograph from the past week, guess where I found it!

Oh, oopsie! I found that on my other blog, Personally Public Relations! If you were thinking I was above shameless self-promotion, you were wrong. But in all fairness, that image didn’t originally hail from Personally Public Relations, it hailed from the Hasselblad at the hands of Mario Testino while photographing Kate Moss’ wedding reception. The white ducks wandering into the laps of fashion’s most powerful women probably weren’t staged, that would be too far below these sharp artistic masterminds. (I’m not telling you who the women in the photo are, because you have to go to my other website to do that! See, I just self-promoted again! But, if you don’t know who (from the left) the first, second, and fourth women in the top row are, stop reading my blog.)
Okay bye!

FNO: Mark Your Calendars!

If you follow me on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter, you know that I’ve been plastering this homemade poster everywhere so you know to come see me as a Featured Blogger at Cincinnati’s Fashion’s Night Out.
But on the off chance that you live under a rock of ugly clothing you’ve missed it, here it is again, in more detail, and more hoittie toittie vernacular

Fashion’s Night Out
Saks Fifth Avenue
Sept. 8, 6-8pm

Join Stylelist, Saks Fifth Avenue, Cincy Chic and The Fagazine at the 2011 Fashion’s Night Out. This fun and fabulicious event event will feature pop-up shops, a live band, DJ, complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and a blogger lounge. Now, I know you’re all tired of seeing my ugly mug, and the unrealistically beautiful mugs of models and celebrities I post here all the time. Here’s what you can do to change it: Come see yours truly in the Blogger Lounge in Saks Fifth Avenue on the night of FNO dressed in your most sartorially liberated outfit. The pictures are always more interesting if you are inebriated, and what do you know, there are complimentary drinks! So come down to Saks, imbibe, shop, and pose for me! What more can you ask for on a Thursday night? Nothing, that’s what. 

See you there!


All About Arms.

Fads are always emerging in fashion, usually I don’t take them into account when considering what’s hot from season to season. (I mean hello, do you remember when UGG boots were all over Hollywood? Sin.) But there is one trend that I am fully on board with this season and its culmination was brought about by none other than Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller

I’m thoroughly excited about the fact that my “more is more” mentality is now being appreciated when it comes to accessorizing.
The creativity that this fad allows is the reason it is becoming a full blown trend, the more unique the jewelry the trendier your wrist is. I’ve seen “arm parties” that include tigers, serpents, and leopard prints. That’s a zoo I’d be happy to visit. 
These are the gilded wrists of Rachel Strugatz, Accessories Editor of Women’s Wear Daily. She is ready for fashion battle, and I don’t even know what that battle involves. At least she’s ready though, right?
Real friends don’t just party together, they arm party.
So, are you going to hop on the party train? I should hope so. 

PS: Have you seen the new information on The Fagazine’s Facebook page? You might want to take a look, some exciting stuff is on the horizon you won’t want to miss!

Street Style: Christine Centenera

In the past two years, Christine Centenera has taken the fashion world by storm. The Fashion Editor of Harpers Bazaar Australia has an eclectic sense of style to say the least. During any Fashion Week, this sartorialistic sensation surely won’t disappoint. Did you like that alliteration?

Okay, so… Go be like her, bye!