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F/W 2011

Lust for Layering

With the end of the heatwave in sight, I can not stop thinking about Fall clothing. Its no secret among my friends that I am addicted to layering, and cold weather. For someone who is all about off the wall fashion, there is nothing better than the sartorialistic freedom of wearing six layers of clothing, and twice the accessories. We get to play “dress up” every day! Nothing makes me more excited than going outside and feeling the cold air on my face, and wrapping my scarf a little tighter around my neck. Also, I haven’t worn my Steve Madden military boots in five months and they need some serious TLC. 
Here are my favorite examples of Fall Style, I put them into a collage. All for you. 

So what are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Let me know in the comments!


PS: If you’d like to know where any of these looks are from, write it below in the comments, or shoot me an email at zach@thefagazine.com.


Rachel Zoe’s big girl collection.

Bye bye QVC, hello Neimans.
RZ has been resurrected from her million deaths, this collection is bananas.

Rachel Zoe
F/W 2011

This collection is right up my alley, because the celebrity stylist turned designer took every style of dress she could think of, and maxed out the drama.

Images via Project Rungay.

Sarah Palin goes to the grocery story in Wasilla. +Drama

Lauren Conrad gets in a drunken fight with Heidi Montag. +Drama

Naomi Campbell loses her weave, and her attitude at a business meeting. +Drama

Flight attendant goes to lunch in NYC, and gives a passerby the sex eye. +Drama

Portia Degeneres on Ali McBeal. +Drama

White girl trying to look Mexican at a club in Cabo. +drama

I don’t like this one.
It makes her skinny ass look frumpy. And it’s a borderline skanky minidress. How does it do that?
How do I like baseball games? Things we will never understand..
So, a look I don’t like. +Drama

Lindsay Lohan having brunch in the Hamptons. +Drama
Why Lindsay? Why not.
She doesn’t need any more drama in her life, but I had to keep the trend of the post.

I love this look so much there is nothing I can make fun of it with.
Bohemian Chic. +Drama

The movie Soul Train. -Soul +Drama

Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon. -Stupidity +Drama

Kourtney Kardashian needs this outfit. -Scott Disick +Drama

Flawlessness. +Drama

1974. -Tie dye +Drama

Snuggie. +Drama

Pantsuit. +Glitter & Drama

If the video for Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells was filmed in Alaska, and not the desert. +Drama

The uniform at Constance from vintage Gossip Girl. +Drama


If you’re not swimming in fabric, you’re not having fun. +Drama

A crazy ginger secretary waiting for her boss in the conference room, legs spread. +Drama

The jacket is neither here nor there. 
Those lace up Rachel Zoe for Brian Atwood boots don’t need any drama added. Perfection.
In the comments, tell me dahlings. Did you think RZ brought the drama? 
Or is this an episode of RuPaul’s drag race waiting to happen.

Color me inspired.

I couldn’t find anything to write about.
This blog is my only creative outlet.
The tank was empty.

I needed some feul.
I looked to the other fashionables of the world.
Via the world wide web.

[Perhaps the coolest man to ever live.]

All images via WGSN
An eclectic mix of gentlemen.
But each picture captures a different aspect.
My style.

One specific element to each.
The reason I’m in love.
The drama.


Alice + Olivia; A love story

Have you seen Alice + Olivia’s F/W 2011 collection?
If not, get your shit together.
It is perfect.
I’m going to show you why.
Don’t act like you didn’t know.
Print Mixing Palooza
The boots and the skirt are enough to put the look over the edge.
The printed shirt, and jacket are on another level.

I can’t really think of a way to aptly describe how much I love this entire look.
I can say that the model looks like a cone head though. 
And she’s terrified.

Someone call Kate Hudson. She needs this dress.
It’s so old Hollywood Glam. 
And her mom is Goldie Hawn, duh.

I am obsessed with the print on this jump suit.
Actually, I’ve never seen a jump suit I didn’t like.
Every time I try to type the word suit, muscle memory takes over and I type “shit.” 
I’m so profane..

The coat paired with that dress is very “Proenza Schouler.”
But better.
Roxy Olin, is that you? How’d you get off the Brothers & Sisters set?!

Leather flare pants, and a sequin blouse?
Call Rachel Zoe, she needs to dress her future transsexual child in this.

I love purple (nurple).

This look shows a little more leg than I would ever allow my entourage to show.
But the giant scale-like sequins make it gay club friendly. 

The only time I will EVER condone red and black together.
Go UC Bearcats?

The skirt is beaded and fringed!!

Her thorough disdain for the world is noted.
But it doesn’t take away from the crazy pattern on the skirt.

I mean, come on. 
Last but not least, my favorite look. 
I am salivating over the lace blouse.
The coat is something I would like in my closet just to look at.
One day, when my favorite celebrity client is in a bind, I will bestow it upon Khloe Kardashian her.

Shoe Stopper Saturday: Miu Miu

From now on, each Saturday has officially been coined “Shoe Stopped Saturday.”
Where I will showcase a collection of shoes that are sure to make you salivate.
On the docket for this week is:

Miu Miu
F/W 2011

This collection is amazing.
It’s a clever mix between a conservative dresser, and a little girl’s fantasy.
The curved chunky heel won’t attract a man like the sky high Louboutins would.
But it will land you smack in the middle of a Queer Eye rerun.

My favorite.

I quite literally threw glitter in your face today.


F/W 2011 Men’s Outerwear

I’m ready for Spring, and warm weather but I already find myself planning my looks for Fall/Winter.
Today I decided to tackle outerwear.
These are all from F/W 2011 collections.
Rag & Bone
Rag & Bone are one of my very favorite designers, because they embody two of my favorite things.

1. They’re pro’s at layering. A staple of my personal style
2. They’re from England, and are inspired by old English style. I love scones.
If someone doesn’t buy me that plaid vest, and the ascot I will consider all hope for humanity lost.

I’m almost positive the body of this coat is calf fur. Peta is freaking out.
But it is gorgeous.

I love the pattern on these two past looks.
I NEED that orange vest, and the pants with the extravagant knee pads!
I would totally play volleyball again is someone bought me those.

More calf hair. I love the pants.
Why is he so furious?

This is my favorite look in their entire collection. 
I love the slouchy suit with the fur hooded sweater under it. 
The two button down shirts with the ascot are not superfluous at all.
Burberry Prorsom

I can’t stop drooling over the color, or the collar.

So much drama, and that’s what I’m all about.
I am a Scorpio, after all.

So much detail in this jacket. It’s one of my favorites.

I am obsessed with the fabric, structure and vintage inspired collar.

Because, why wouldn’t I want to wear the floor mats from my car?

So perfect. I’m obsessed with the gloves. And The belts closing the jacket.

This collection exhibits the western trend at its finest. 
I WILL be wearing my jean jacket with a bow tie.

Ermenegildo Zegna

I feel that this is straight out of American Gangster.
And I love it.
Imagine if Denzel wore his gun hanging from the new and improved fanny pack shown below.

Why yes, Ermenegildo, I do love your new stylish take on the fanny pack.


I love the slim fit of this coat. I’ll call this look “Excalibur,” because it looks like he’s wearing a sheath.

So sleek. Do you feel rejuvenated? Because you sir, are fresh.

This isn’t outerwear, but I had to include it. Because, obviously.