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Red Carpet time, bitches.

The Emmy’s Red Carpet festivities were fairly standard last night, except for the fact that there were so many fugly dresses making their way through the storm of cameras.

Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan

Let’s hit ’em where it hurts, shall we?
Amber, I love you dearly because you can sang. However, it is NOT acceptable to get your Red Carpet dress from the prom wardrobe rack on Glee. Is that made of cheap motel’s bed sheet? You should have shined a black light on it before wearing..
I heard that Amy Poehler asked Peter Som to make this dress for her out of metallic spanx. Bad news: I can see her uterus.  Good news: She’s not pregnant. 
It’s time to put your cleavage away bitch. You’re at the Emmy’s, not the Moulin Rouge Lounge in Reno. That color is gross on her, and the slit length is awkward so her legs look like tree trunks. 
 I loved this Armani Prive dress on Julianna Margulies. She wore white after labor day, and the structured bodice is very reminiscent of Japanese couture.
Kate Winslet in Elie Saab. Vava voom red was the look of choice for the evening, and Kate did it very well. The hair is gorgeous. 
Leah Michele posing for once without overtly complimenting herself at the same time. This time I would have agreed with her. I’ve never seen a Marchesa dress I didn’t like. But the highlights of this one are the draping on the back, and the shoulder detail. Love.
Colbie Smulders in Alberta Ferretti. Holy shitballs. That color is gorgeous. Stunning hair, love the ice, love the clutch.
Kerry Washington wore Zuhair Murad. I am DYING over the faked out fringe sheer skirt. Just gorgeous on her, and it was even more stunning when she presented an award on camera.
GAH. I love Sofia Vergara. I love that she werques her bombshell figure flawlessly. I love the deep coral color on that Vera Wang gown. And I love her ostentatious Colombian Emerald ear rings. 
That’s the thing about “ostentatious” style, if you know how to werk it isn’t over top anymore.


Everything related to Glee is relevant.

Here is Heather Morris’s video for Esquire Magazine. (But Still.)
I will never read this magazine, because they’re clearly a bunch of douche bags.
They make it very clear that none of their readers are gay enough to watch Glee in the article.

Fuck you Esquire.
Don’t try and fool your readers into thinking watching a show about acceptance and ridiculous scenarios is okay! Stick to scratching your decaying balls and playing smear the queer. Ignorant hetero’s are a dying breed. Let me be the first to see you assholes off. You should all be quarantined with Donald Trump and his hair in one of is overly opulent towers that attest to why this country is financially fucked.

My soap box is crumbled. I put it back under my bed.

Heather Morris is a diva. Despite her hilariously idiotic character on Glee.

Which is on tomorrow. For 90 minutes.
And the theme is “Born this Way” by Gaga.

Will I blog about said episode of Glee?
You bet your sweet ass.

Enjoy this video. She’s fierce.
Yes, it looks like single ladies. It’s okay. She danced for Beyonce.


A drunk (maybe) muggle.

Darren Criss performed Teenage Dream, among other things at Perez Hilton’s “Blue Ball” 33rd birthday celebration on Saturday night.

Rumors have been swirling that our favorite muggle who plays a homo on Glee was a little tipsy. And by a little tipsy, I mean drunk.

Exhibit gAy:

Exhibit B:


Whether or not he is drunk, one things is glaringly obvious:

He is so straight. I mean come on, being straight and singing songs from “The Little Mermaid” go together like being gay and quail hunting. Ya know?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


The Gayest Two Days Ever.

Seriously though. The past two days have been so gay I hardly know what to do with myself short of carrying around a glitter cannon  to shoot at the muggles hetero’s of the world.

Yesterday was #BornThisDay because it was was Mother Monster’s birthday. Although the birthday celebration didn’t effect my life directly, Lady GaGa tweeted about having chicken and waffles in bed. And anyone who has chicken and waffles in bed is officially a black woman, and therefore DOES personally effect my life. Why? I don’t know. But I promise I’m not being racist.

Lady Gaga tweeted this pitcha via twitter. Redundant? Probably. Necessary? Definitely. She was at her birthday dinner.

I wish that table was my face.

Sometimes I hope I am never famous because then I’ll feel obligated to always eat in restaurants that are poorly lit. Does being famous mean you’re also a vampire? I don’t understand the correlation.

I still want to be famous. So bring on the blood and money. But not any blood money please. That’s a very important “and.”

Today is the day it’s Britney bitch Spears released her new album, Femme Fatale.

A little transexual. But I dig it.

In unrelated news, today Kevin Federline also dropped something. His girlfriend Victoria Prince (I don’t have a clue either) is pregnant. Someone tricked him into thinking that this news would detract from her album release.

BB, you’re always going to be her background dancer. It doesn’t matter if you’re literally on stage, or on the stage of LIFE. So please, stop reproducing.

Also, here is my proverbial glitter cannon. I’m about to fire it right in your face. Shield your muggles.

So you need to deal with this (again).



He’s SO NOT straight.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Gleek of the Week.

I’m not talking about the fans of Glee, I’m talking about the cast members!

A reader who shall remain nameless, (@ryan_mcgoron) suggested that I give a short bio of a different cast member every week. Ya dig?

This years Gleek of the Week is…..

Drum roll please….






Its Dianna Agron!
Ay Kay Ay Quinn Fabray.


Everyone knows that Quinn is plotting her way back to the top on Glee, but what is Dianna doing off the set?


She has had small roles in several movies, like Burlesque. And she just had a starring role in the movie “I Am Number Four.”

She dated her co-star Alex Pettyfer, and they moved in together.

Then they broke up because according to the unreliable People Magazine, he is a jealous psycho.

Dianna has an upcoming horror movie called “The Hunters” that will be released in November of this year.


You should also check out Dianna’s Tumblr, Fell Down the Rabbit Hole.

Then, follow her on Twitter.


Now don’t you feel like you know her better?

You shouldn’t. Cause that would be weird. You’ve probably never met the girl.


But it was fun anyways right?


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,




Spoiler Alert: Glee

So, Wednesday night was Paleyfest. For those of you who don’t know, its like Comicon for television shows. I was ALL over the Glee panel.

Lets cover the basics on topics the cast and creators were asked about.


When asked about the Kurt and Blaine kiss, Darren Criss said:

It certainly felt right. It was a really special time.

Ryan Murphy said:

It’s so impactful because it’s important to so many people.

Thanks for that deep and meaningful insight boys.. At least Darren didn’t say “no homo” after he answered. That would have been on trend with his usual schtick.

I miss Cheno.

Thats okay! She’s coming back. Her all white production of The Wiz failed miserably. (CLEARLY fictional. I mean, you all saw her perform Home right?) But she returns, and she is in a one woman show called “Crossroads” the writers composed a song for her called “Its 10am and I’m drunk.” I am very excited. Ryan says Cheno and Gwyneth are the Muses for the show, and they’ll always be coming back.


Random quotes and funnies.

Amber P. Riley choreographed “Hell to the No” herself.

Naya Rivera has had an “overwhelming response” since Santana’s coming out on the show.

Jane Lynch said teachers come up to her and say “I wish I could say what Sue says.”

The sex talk between Kurt and Burt was somewhat autobiographical for Ryan Murphy.

There is a “Born This Way” EP soon, YES.

In regards to the “Britana” storyline, it will be explored but it is more about Santana’s personal journey than a romantic relationship.

The remaining episodes in this season are geared towards going to nationals and the Finn/Rachel/Quinn thing is HUGE.

Matt Morrison on Wemma: “They deserve each other and would help eachother so much. So I hope it happens.”

The last 6 episodes are about the battle with Vocal Adrenaline and CHARICE is back!!

Ryan was asked about cast input on storylines: “If I get one more call about them wanting to do Adele songs..” YES!


The Big Bang.

Kurt was asked how he likes being away from the rest of the group and with The Warblers. He said he missed the group, “But I’m glad to be back.” Whoops! The crowd went wild and he said “Don’t act like you didn’t know.”

Also, Blaine will have to audition for New Directions in the future!

Klaine will never be apart.


Pretty Pics:

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How awkward do Darren and Chris look??

Also, please observe Naya’s ferocity.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,