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Final Friday with a Bow Tie Chaser.

Friday Night, The Fagazine hit Cincinnati, and we hit her hard.

First, we went to Final Friday in Over-The-Rhine, and I brought a gangload of people with me to show them how much fun it is. As per usual, they told me I was right.

The highlight of the pop shop this week was definitely the Fancy Pack, clicky clicky.

Iris Cafe on Main Street in OTR gave Kenneth Wright and myself quite the Album Fever.

IF you haven’t been, get your ass to Iris Cafe just to see that gorgeous courtyard in person!

Street Style Blitz! Ready, GO!

Then, we hit Karaoke Night with Dhani Jones at the Bow Tie Cafe.

Well, maybe he hit me…

The performances all night were strong, there was no one in the house who was less than completely entertained.

My friends Sara Dittrich and Jacob Bogart performing “Ice Ice Baby.”

Jake then proceeded to bring the house down with his rendition of “99 Problems” by Jay-Z.
Not too much later, D’Andre Shirley performed “My Neck, My Back.” Too. Much. To. Handle.

The Groove Thang:

You have to forgive them, this was their first time venturing out with The Fagazine, they didn’t know that the party never stops.
Everybody look! It’s Style Edit!

Marsha, always poised and perfect.


I only roll with the best, and this is it.

If you aren’t a fan of The Bow Tie Cafe on Facebook yet, how will you know about the next Karaoke Night? Get your shit together and click that link.

Ta for now.



Weekend Whirlwind

I have been working my ass off lately, so sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. I gotsta make monies, yo.

Anyways, this weekend is going to be off the sequined chain! Tomorrow night, The Fagazine will be attending Karaoke Night at the Bow Tie Cafe in Mt. Adams. It starts at 9pm, and if you want to see me belt it out on stage, you should be there.

Photo from Sweat Training’s Blog. Read their synopsis of the Bow Tie Cafe, here.

Saturday night, I am going to the “Curtain Up!” kick-off event for the Cincinnati Opera. It’s Bollywood themed, and my outfit is going to be outrageous.

My twinnie, Amy Elisabeth will be at both events photographing every moment. So there will likely be another shot similar to this one.

What? I’m not ashamed. That night was fun as shit. You can see dozens other of fabulous pictures on her Facebook.

I’ll have a photographer there as well, and I’ll be damned if I don’t snag a snappy of her gettin’ her groove on as well.


MusicNow Festival 2011

As you know, instead of going to the Cincinnati Fashion Fund dinner last night, I made a trip down to Memorial Hall (a smaller, but gorgeous venue next door to Music Hall down town) for Cincinnati’s annual MusicNow Festival.

My photographer Heidi, and I checked in at the Press Table and immediately noticed how gorgeous the building was.

We got some delicious food, and listened to those guys’ wonderful music.

Which means I was as close to being in a state of Euphoria without being in the same room as Cher, Celine Dion, and the cast of Glee as humanly possible.

This wasn’t a Cincinnati Fashion Week Event, I swear. Cincinnatians are just really stylish.. 
And better than you.

Look at that! The cutest couple in Cincinnati. 

Heidi met another photographer to commiserate with for the rest of the night. 
His name is Landon. Read his blog. Heidi already has, hehe.

I was literally drooling over her jumpsuit. So fierce. She got it in a thrift shop and made it into a halter all by herself!

 Like, stop it. I almost fell over when I saw these.

A quote said when referring to this lovely lady last night, perfectly applicable to my caption:
“She’s my favorite lady who loves ladies!”

Actually obsessed with that t-shirt dress.

The fantastic leggings and those shoes are putting me over the edge.

How photogenic are they?! The sweetest people to talk to. If I don’t see Christine, Jordan, Gina, Emma, Ruthie, and Johan in the near future I might just have to leave the city out of depression. 
The Performances:
First on the docket was an instrumental band called yMusic. Their music overlaps in Classical and Pop realms, and the combination is flawless. The New York Times called yMusic a “versatile sextet of resourceful players.” 

Their set captivated the crowd, and their electricity was only intensified with the addition of Shara Worden.

It was extremely humid last night, and my hair completely deflated by the end of the first act. Sad.
But that did not detract from the fact that I got to meet and watch Shara perform. She has the most intrinsic stage presence I think I have ever seen in concert. Shara has practiced just about every aspect of the music industry. 

The dancer for their performance was Jessica Dessner, superb. I don’t know how else to describe her.

The second act of the evening featured two groups as well. Fight the Big Bull, and Megafaun & Friends. Their set was called “Sounds of the South” and every song made you want to move. Their combination of vocals, strings, and brass was infectious to say the least. When the two groups came together it was like a wall of energy descended upon the audience.

Then, sadly, the concert came to a close.

And everyone made their way back down to the bar to talk about how excited they were to come back for the rest of the shows this weekend!

Now, don’t you want to join in on the fun?!

Click right here, where the words change colors if you roll your mouse over them. Then you can get tickets of your very own. Or just get them at the door.

K. I’ve gotta go get ready for the Fashion Week Finale tonight, so I’ll catch you queens later!


Cincinnati Fashion Week Day 4; Landor Associates Graphic Fashion

Landor Associates is a Creative and Branding Agency based out of San Fransisco, but Cincinnati is their Biggest office. Landor dresses their windows in collaborations with local artist, and they incorporate graphic design in the windows as well. Executive Creative Director Steve McGowan told me, “Selfishly, the windows are really to inspire our people. But when we find a way to inspire ourselves and the community, that’s when it’s magic.”
I think the best part of Landor’s windows, especially their SMASHUP Creative Project that I showcased last month is how they bring the “creative underground” of Cincinnati to the forefront. There is a large art beat hear in Cincinnati, but no one seems to know about it. Landor does a great job of drawing attention to the creative scene that Cincinnati has to offer. 
The Graphic Fashion event was held in the alley way next to the old Shillito’s building in downtown Cincinnati which now houses Landor Associates.
The Graphic Fashion Models:

Myself, my friend Devin, and Drew (who took these pictures, Ryan had class last night.) The party was a blast, and it was a beautiful night for it.

Tonight, I am not covering the Cincinnati Fashion Fund dinner, as it should be a more formal affair. I was asked to cover another exciting event going on in Cincinnati. The MusicNow Festival!

Visit their website for ticketing information and a setlist.
Come and see me!
You can also see me by getting tickets to Saturday Night’s Fashion Finale, and the After Party!
“Like” Cincinnati Fashion Week on Facebook for discounted ticket prices. And while you’re at it, “like” The Fagazine on Facebook!
This week has gone by so fast, I don’t want it to end. So all of you, come out to see Cincinnati Fashion Week’s Swan Song on Saturday night or you’ll have to wait until next season to experience the ferocity!


Talihina Sky

Kings of Leon is one of my favorite bands. I have followed them since before they were on the top forty and all the fangirls jumped on board.

This is a perfect example of why.

I want to see the whole thing so bad.

“What a night for a dance, you know I’m a dancin’ machine. With the fire in my bones and the sweet taste of kerosene. I get lost in the night, so high I don’t wanna come down.” Kings of Leon, Revelry.


Listen ta DIS.

Ryan just told me I needed to listen to this remix of Britney’s Till the World Ends.

He said it might make me RZ die. That is a serious assumption.
Rachel Zoe dying is the highest class of being gay dead.

Looky Looky, Listen, Listen:

I didn’t RZ die. I RZ gave birth to a gaybie.
That’s a gay baby. Its better. Its impact is greater than dying.

Its giving life instead of ending it.

So you, deal with that.

Tell us in the comments: Did you RZdie?

Zach. (and Ryan.)

The Gayest Two Days Ever.

Seriously though. The past two days have been so gay I hardly know what to do with myself short of carrying around a glitter cannon  to shoot at the muggles hetero’s of the world.

Yesterday was #BornThisDay because it was was Mother Monster’s birthday. Although the birthday celebration didn’t effect my life directly, Lady GaGa tweeted about having chicken and waffles in bed. And anyone who has chicken and waffles in bed is officially a black woman, and therefore DOES personally effect my life. Why? I don’t know. But I promise I’m not being racist.

Lady Gaga tweeted this pitcha via twitter. Redundant? Probably. Necessary? Definitely. She was at her birthday dinner.

I wish that table was my face.

Sometimes I hope I am never famous because then I’ll feel obligated to always eat in restaurants that are poorly lit. Does being famous mean you’re also a vampire? I don’t understand the correlation.

I still want to be famous. So bring on the blood and money. But not any blood money please. That’s a very important “and.”

Today is the day it’s Britney bitch Spears released her new album, Femme Fatale.

A little transexual. But I dig it.

In unrelated news, today Kevin Federline also dropped something. His girlfriend Victoria Prince (I don’t have a clue either) is pregnant. Someone tricked him into thinking that this news would detract from her album release.

BB, you’re always going to be her background dancer. It doesn’t matter if you’re literally on stage, or on the stage of LIFE. So please, stop reproducing.

Also, here is my proverbial glitter cannon. I’m about to fire it right in your face. Shield your muggles.

So you need to deal with this (again).



He’s SO NOT straight.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Dejan Does it Better.

I love Rihanna’s video for S&M. But this performance of the same song choreographed by Dejan Tubic is SO much better.

Chiggidy Check it:

DUMB. Youtube is always being stupid about running on WordPress.
Eff you EMI Publishing.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


I like it like it, Come on.

Remember this video by Rihanna?


Remember how I was/am obsessed with it?


Well, it turns out Rihanna isn’t the Only Girl in the World who has used those images. Thanks to Fagazine’s Technical Director Ryan Seminara, I have seen the light.  David Lachapelle is a renowned Fashion, Editorial, and Commercial Photographer who seems to have been plagiarized by Rihanna. Don’t be rude girl girl can you get it up

Thanks for the compilation Ryan.

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore the video. BUT, I think David Lachapelle was toterly justified in suing RiRi.
I would ask which imagery y’all prefer, but I mean. They’re pretty identical.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Spoiler Alert: Glee

So, Wednesday night was Paleyfest. For those of you who don’t know, its like Comicon for television shows. I was ALL over the Glee panel.

Lets cover the basics on topics the cast and creators were asked about.


When asked about the Kurt and Blaine kiss, Darren Criss said:

It certainly felt right. It was a really special time.

Ryan Murphy said:

It’s so impactful because it’s important to so many people.

Thanks for that deep and meaningful insight boys.. At least Darren didn’t say “no homo” after he answered. That would have been on trend with his usual schtick.

I miss Cheno.

Thats okay! She’s coming back. Her all white production of The Wiz failed miserably. (CLEARLY fictional. I mean, you all saw her perform Home right?) But she returns, and she is in a one woman show called “Crossroads” the writers composed a song for her called “Its 10am and I’m drunk.” I am very excited. Ryan says Cheno and Gwyneth are the Muses for the show, and they’ll always be coming back.


Random quotes and funnies.

Amber P. Riley choreographed “Hell to the No” herself.

Naya Rivera has had an “overwhelming response” since Santana’s coming out on the show.

Jane Lynch said teachers come up to her and say “I wish I could say what Sue says.”

The sex talk between Kurt and Burt was somewhat autobiographical for Ryan Murphy.

There is a “Born This Way” EP soon, YES.

In regards to the “Britana” storyline, it will be explored but it is more about Santana’s personal journey than a romantic relationship.

The remaining episodes in this season are geared towards going to nationals and the Finn/Rachel/Quinn thing is HUGE.

Matt Morrison on Wemma: “They deserve each other and would help eachother so much. So I hope it happens.”

The last 6 episodes are about the battle with Vocal Adrenaline and CHARICE is back!!

Ryan was asked about cast input on storylines: “If I get one more call about them wanting to do Adele songs..” YES!


The Big Bang.

Kurt was asked how he likes being away from the rest of the group and with The Warblers. He said he missed the group, “But I’m glad to be back.” Whoops! The crowd went wild and he said “Don’t act like you didn’t know.”

Also, Blaine will have to audition for New Directions in the future!

Klaine will never be apart.


Pretty Pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How awkward do Darren and Chris look??

Also, please observe Naya’s ferocity.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,