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Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta: King of Spring

Neon chartreuse was just one of the bright colors to electrify the runway, but it was my favorite.

Oscar de la Renta never disappoints on the runway, but this collection was taken to another level of fantastic. The waisted silhouettes, saturated colors, and bold textures are perfect embellishments for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

 The collection is the epitome of femininity as Oscar showcased perfectly cropped cigarette pants, full blown taffeta ball skirts with simple lace tanks, and summer tweed jackets paired with waterfall blouses. The array of fabrics include lace in all different weights, chiffons, summer tweed, silk tulle, silk taffeta, beaded sheer, fox fur, sequins, feathers, and crochet. Basically every single fabric you need in your wardrobe to be a certified glamazon. The accessories were equally titillating; costume jewelry, bowling bags, multi-stranded necklaces from bright colors to blacks, wide belts, and floral scarves, all were featured. Oscar’s prints included seemingly painted on vertical stripes, poppy motifs, and the ever present florals. The colors of the clothing for this collection translated just as well onto the footwear. The high multi-laced sandals, and transparent high-laced brogues were showcased in bright colors often times corresponding to the look with which they were paired.

I think we can start to appreciate the fact that this may be one of the best Fashion Weeks the industry has seen in years.

Do you think Oscar de la Renta knocked this collection out of the park?