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10 Years, We Remember.

Exactly ten years ago, today, an event took place to forever change the shape of American reality. I could sit here, and type out every emotion I had while watching the grim footage of the World Trade Center falling. I don’t want to do that. There are enough documentaries being shown that describe every emotion Americans felt, and then some. Instead,  I’ll recall some facts.

View from the Sky Lobby on the 78th Floor of the World Trade Center, 7:53am , 9/11/2001

8:46am – Flight 11 crashes into the World Trade Center’s North Tower at 490mph between floors 94-98.

9:03am – Flight 175 crashes into the World Trade Center’s South Tower at 590mph between floors 78-84.

9:59am – The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

10:28am – The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

2,749 death certificates were filed as a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

The South Tower collapsed with a magnitude of 2.1 on the seismograph, and the North Tower collapsed with a magnitude of 2.3. The effects of the impact were felt as far north as Maine.

It is widely assumed that humans by nature, shy away from physical contact with strangers. But in this situation, that assumption is proven to be a learned trait. Countless images are ingrained in my mind depicting human helping human, no matter the race, religion, sexual orientation, or political standing. 9/11 presented a sense of hopelessness but it also gave me hope. Hope that people to their core, are truly good.

Not only did the terror attacks on September 11th, 2001 shake the ground we walk on, but it shook the way we live.

Never forget what was done to our country, and be ever grateful to those who gave their lives.



An International Sigh of Relief.

Late Sunday night, news that Osama Bin Laden was killed was released. Whether you are elated by this news, confused by the way you want to feel but can’t bring yourself to celebrate the death of another human being, or disgusted by the nationwide celebration of that death, one point can be agreed upon;

Justice has been done, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Osama Bin Laden is dead. 

Earlier, I was among those who was elated when hearing the news of Osama’s demise. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but those who were ridiculing those of us in celebration inspired this Facebook Update:

I am extremely liberal. I don’t agree with violence a lot of the time. But I can’t help but feel angered/frustrated seeing that people are tweeting and updating statuses saying that feeling “American Pride” right now is wrong. Have they forgotten what he did to us? How many lives were lost? Come on. If ever a person deserved death, it was him. I’m feeling PATRIOTIC. Tell me to feel otherwise, I dare you. –Me.

I think people attacking those for feeling happy about justice being served to one of the most evil human beings in history need to relive this moment from one decade ago;

This is not an end to the war on terror. But this was a momentous day for those who lost a loved one on that day ten years ago. Closure has finally been achieved. 

On September 11, 2001, in our time of grief, the American people came together. We offered our neighbors a hand, and we offered the wounded our blood. We reaffirmed our ties to each other, and our love of community and country. On that day, no matter where we came from, what God we prayed to, or what race or ethnicity we were, we were united as one American family. –Barack Obama; May 1st 2011

Today, like one decade ago, we are not Republicans or Democrats. We are Americans.


How am I supposed to supplement this?

The only male hetero friend I have had since I was a child sent me this video on Twitter.

It is perfect. I don’t even need to get all Equality Bitch to get my point across.

Ryan has a super liberal blog that I read all the time. He deleted it.
But still, he sent me that video. So follow him on twitter.
Okay! Well, I don’t have much else to say.
Just remember: Gay is the way.


Everything related to Glee is relevant.

Here is Heather Morris’s video for Esquire Magazine. (But Still.)
I will never read this magazine, because they’re clearly a bunch of douche bags.
They make it very clear that none of their readers are gay enough to watch Glee in the article.

Fuck you Esquire.
Don’t try and fool your readers into thinking watching a show about acceptance and ridiculous scenarios is okay! Stick to scratching your decaying balls and playing smear the queer. Ignorant hetero’s are a dying breed. Let me be the first to see you assholes off. You should all be quarantined with Donald Trump and his hair in one of is overly opulent towers that attest to why this country is financially fucked.

My soap box is crumbled. I put it back under my bed.

Heather Morris is a diva. Despite her hilariously idiotic character on Glee.

Which is on tomorrow. For 90 minutes.
And the theme is “Born this Way” by Gaga.

Will I blog about said episode of Glee?
You bet your sweet ass.

Enjoy this video. She’s fierce.
Yes, it looks like single ladies. It’s okay. She danced for Beyonce.


Liberal Lesbian.

JAYKAY. She isn’t really. She’s just starring as one in her new movie. The movie is an indie flick called “Angels Crest.”

Kate Walsh is one of my favorite aggressive liberals out in the Land of Holly who isn’t afraid of a little twitter conflict.


"Bring it."



Back in January, Bristol fucking Palin was scheduled to give a speech at Washington University on abstinence.

Students quickly started protesting because, well, obviously.

Kate tweeted “Welcome to the Idiocracy!” when a student at Wash.U. asked Kate to join in the protest.

The speech was cancelled by the University. They said it was a mutual agreement. Right. The conversation probably went like this:

University: Everyone hates you, so you can’t come talk here. Also, you’ve got a child out of wedlock. You didn’t abstain. Remember?

Stoopid: Yeah but now I can tell people not to do it because sex isn’t that great.

University: Maybe its just Levi, because we think sex is pretty great.

Stoopid: Well maybe I should try again, cause seriously it wasn’t worth having this kid for.

University: Aren’t you glad you didn’t say that in front of 10,000 students who already thought you were a moron?



(There are few people who anger me more than Sarah Palin, but Bristol is one of them. She openly criticizes celebrities like Kim Kardashian for not having to work for their fame, and being bad role models. Um, excuse me you delusional bitch, you’re an insufferably ignorant “politician’s” daughter who did nothing but have sex with one of the stupidest men on planet earth to get your career going. Shut the FUCK up.)

Phew, back to my point. Palin’s really get under my skin.

This isn’t Kate’s first Lesbian role. She was a transgender suspect on CSI, and in 2003 she played Sandra Oh’s partner in “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

I love me some fearless actresses.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


A project.

I decided I wanted to do something more than just attend the Gay Pride Parade this year in Cincinnati. I want to do something to make more of a difference.

It’s no secret that besides San Diego, Cincinnati is the highest donating city to the GOP and is notoriously conservative. Judging by this reputation you would think living in Cincinnati as a gay man would be hell on earth. With the help of Heidi Palmer, I am going to make a Documentary (kind of) showing you that it isn’t all that bad. Normal people believe in equality, and they have a voice.

For updates on this project as they happen, follow me on twitter. Then tumbl with my tumblr, Through My Blackbery.


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Anderson Cooper gone underground.

Hostility against Journalists trying to provide coverage on the Egyptian turmoil has increased, as a result many have gone underground.

Including CNN’s star anchor Anderson Cooper.

Warning: Some of this footage is very graphic.

Mubarak says if he steps down now, chaos will ensue. From what I, and hopefully you have gathered, chaos is in full effect already.

CBS News’ senior foreign correspondent Lara Logan and her crew were detained outside Israel’s Embassy in Cairo by Egyptian military on thursday, and were released today. An ABC producer reported being threatened with beheading by Pro-Mubarak supporters. Logan has since returned to the United States. ABC crews, and NPR crews were also attacked.

Like Logan, Katie Couric reporting for CBS, and Brian Williams for NBC have returned to the U.S. out of fear for their safety.

Hopefully a state of resolve can be achieved before many more people are injured, or killed.

Since last night, peace has fallen over the main site of turmoil, Liberty (Tahrir) Square in Cairo. Hopefully it remains that way.

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt

I have been following Anderson Cooper’s coverage of the Egypt protests, and Monday Anderson was tweeting about how he hasn’t slept for three days, but all was well.

Then yesterday reports were released saying that Anderson,and his small crew were attacked by Pro-Mubarak supporters. He and his crew were trying to get to a spot in between the Mubarak opposition, and the supporters on Tahrir square in Cairo when the Supporters attacked the CNN Crew trying to break their camera, and punching them in the head because they didn’t want to be filmed.

Cooper told CNN:

“The instinct is try to punch back … but in a situation like that you really can’t because that just inflames the crowd all the more … so all we could do is just try to walk as quickly as possible, stay together and seek a safe location which is where we are now.”

The video:

Stay safe over there Anderson! Without you, CNN is nothing!


Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,


A Pig.

At the risk of becoming too political for you Fagazine faithfuls, (yeah right, only the brightest and best read this blog.) I am finding myself unable to hold my tongue on all the controversy surrounding the Arizona shooting from this past weekend.

As always, Hollywood news heavyweights have drawn premature conclusions about connections between Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement, and the Arizona Assailant. Whether or not these accusations hold any credibilty, they bring up a good point.

Last year, Sarah Palin tweeted the message “Don’t retreat, instead reload.” with a link to a disgusting graphic on her Facebook page. The graphic was a map of the United States with crosshairs over the districts who’s Congress Men and Women supported the new Health Care Bill.  When the graphic was released I was appalled, but now more than ever I felt the need to voice my opinion.

Political extremists like this repulsive excuse for a woman don’t realize the damage they can inflict when they release pathetic, deplorable political rhetoric such at this hitlist map. They all have constituents who do not understand the line between political rhetoric used to get a point across, and reality. So, even if there can be no connection drawn between the Arizona shooter responsible for the death of a 9-year-old girl, among others the message needs to be heard that politicians are meant to represent us in a way that everyone can respect. Not crosshairs next to the name of a mother, father, sister, brother, son, or friend, simply because they have a different political view. This message needs to be followed by Democrats, Conservatives, and every party on the Political Spectrum.

Things like this should never be seen from a political figurehead, and under no circumstance should it be tolerated.

(i’ll be funny again tomorrow, I swear.)

Editor-In-Chief of Fagazine,
Zach Shumate